I'm going on Friday!


Yay! We are going up for a day trip on Friday ! DD and I are so excited ! WE decided on MGM an already have ADR’s for Sc-Fi !! No problem getting them by the way !! Is that a good sign ? :biggrin: :biggrin:


That’s an excellent sign.
We just got back from a quick weekender. Crowds weren’t as bad as I had anticipated.
Have a blast!!!


Great news! Have fun.


Good for you!! If you are a Narnia fan,don’t forget to go to the Narnia exhibit.


I will go do it! We missed it in Feb. !! Thanks !!


Anyone having just returned got any info on crowds this week?


Oh man, that’s a GREAT sign!! Enjoy the Sci-Fi! :cool:


Thanks we plan on it ! We are goin with DN(nephew) and SIL and I don’t think they have ever been, so I am excited for them to see it !


Are you going to take them on Star Tours? That’s our favorite ride at MGM!


They may go on it, but we took DD on last month for the first time and she did not like it !! She said it was too bumpy !


CONGRATS! Have a great day and report to us when you get back. I want every detail!!


Awe, have fun!! It shouldn’t be too bad, spring break is over.


Enjoy the day!!! Have a great time!!! :happy:


It’s not over for everyone…ours is next week.

Still it’s great news that the ADR was easy to get, though! Have fun!!


Congrats - Have a great time and enjoy that meal at the Sci Fi! :mickey:


Ours isn’t until the 2nd/3rd week in April!!!

HAVE FUN!!! I wish I lived that close, to be able to go on day trips whenever I wanted. :crying:


Okay, then my spring break is over and I won’t be there! :tongue:


Have a great day!!!


You Lucky Duck… Despite the fact that I’m insanely jealous of you, I still home you have a great time. :wink:


YAY for you!!! Of course…I am so very jealous…but I still hope you have a grand time! Enjoy the Sci-Fi!!!