I'm going to Disney on my Birthday


Okay so I am way excited, DBF is going to take me to the world to the most magical place on this earth, on the most magical day of the year, my birthday. It doesn’t matter that the cruise is taking place on September 17th, but a Disney fix is a Disney fix.

If you haven’t picked up on it already Baabee9 aka Sara is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and she posted her thread Take 2 that she’s moving back to FL. What she plans on doing is moving to the land of the mouse the weekend of September 1st. Hum that’s the weekend of my birthday, well actually the day of :biggrin:.

I talk a lot I know, so everyone says please get on with your point. DBF and I, well really me, have been talking about going away for my birthday, it’s Labor Day weekend and I have a 4 day weekend from work. What a better time to go away. :happy:

Sara calls me yesterday to tell me her plans, I immediately call DBF to tell him we’re helping Sara move that weekend, and can we please go Disney for my birthday.

He chimes in “Whatever you want baby, and we have to stay at a really nice hotel for you.” He really is the greatest. I get home and over dinner the conversation continues, and he to my surprise says, “We can go to the Magic Kingdom this time, and lets go a nice dinner, maybe even a character breakfast.” :ohmy: He’s the man, he’s secretly excited to. I could never get him to admit that but he really wants to go.

So now I get to do all kinds of research on hotels and dinner shows or character breakfasts that I’ve been reading about on all of the fabulous Trip Reports. (I L:heart:VE Trip Reports)

Okay I am very excited and can’t wait to plan the trip and go. And then come back and write my very first trip report. Whoa man I am SSSOOOO excited.

:pirate: :mickey: :wacko: :heart: :biggrin:


Wow you have a great DBF! Why is it that most guys won’t admit they are excited about Disney, when they actually are? Congrats on the trip, and happy planning!


How fun! I loved being in DL for my Birthday! Make sure you get a button to wear around so everyone can wish you a Happy Birthday! Even other guests seem to get in on the fun!


What a nice DBF! Have a great time!


Oh that’s right the button, I think I am actually going to the MK on my birthday, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Well maybe if I hit the bajillion dollar lottery, but I’m pretty ppositive that will never happen as I don’t play the lottery. :laugh:


I agree that September 1st is the most magical day of the year!! :wink: How great that you’ll be heading to the World! Have so much fun!! Can’t wait to hear where you’re staying!


That is exciting! Congrats to you!!!


Good for you!! It is great to be in Disney on your birthday!!!


Congratulations! Disney on your birthday is wonderful!:mickey:


Wow, cute and sweet! Hang on to that guy!


Yes Bali you’re right it is the most magical day of the year. We must stick together.

Talk to your husband see what he can work out. :biggrin:


Ha! If I had a husband I would! How 'bout I talk to my bank and see what they can work out… :laugh:!!


I talk to the bank all the time and nothing comes of it, alas I still show up to work everyday to fund the bank.


Okay so I am getting way excited. I was just on Expedia looking around and they have the Animal Kingdom Lodge listed at 135.00 a night. Disney has it listed for 205.00 a night. That’s a good savings.

They also have the value resorts listed for 65.00 a night, not 79.00 like Disney.

The Caribbean Beach is listed at 99.00 a night. What a deal.

Okay can you tell I’m excited.


$135 for AKL? :whistling Ooh, pounce on that deal! That’s AWESOME!!

Your DBF is awesome too.

I can’t wait for this trip report! :biggrin:


Oh yeah, I was all on it. Like white on rice.

I can’t wait to go now. And we haven’t really been on vacation together in awhile.