I'm going to disney!


So I’m so totally excited I’m going to Disney and I’m totally in planning mode now. My sister is graduating from UCF so we’re all going to celebrate with her the weekend after.

With all that madness being said we’re (okay well I’m) looking at the moderate resorts and I’m curious, what’s the bus situation like? I’ve stayed at French Quarter and I remembering it being okay, and I stayed at Riverside back when it was Dixie Landings so I really have no clue, my memory doesn’t go back that far.

So tell me what’s it like at Coronado, Caribbean, and Riverside? What’s everyone’s preference?


OooOO, Congrats!!!

I prefer Coronado, only when there is NOT a convention going on. It’s a gorgeous resort with LOTS to offer. Awesome pool, good food market, nice bar, good location, cute rooms, etc. When I was a Florida resident we used to stay there a lot.

We’re still gettin’ together for a drink this weekend, right? :smile:


Yes ma’am we are! Do you know what night Daniel is hanging out with his friends?


We love CBR!!! We normally rent a car so I could not tell you much about the buses, but there is an internal bus that will take you around the resort.

Olde Port Royale is where the food court, store and main pool are. The villages to request that are nearest are Trinidad N. and Martinique which are preferred room prices. Aruba and Jamaica are a short walk over the bridge. Each village has it’s own quiet pool, beach, playground and laundry facilities.

The resort is close to EPCOT, DHS, DTD, BW and TL.

Also, request a ground floor room as stairs are not close depending on where your room is.

Have fun deciding and have fun planning:)


I like POFQ…so much so that I never even considered another moderate.


Another vote for POFQ! Really I think any of the moderates are good.


Here’s a vote for the Riverside. It has it all and like Dana said, we like it so much that we’d never consider another moderate.:wub:


We have stayed @ CBR and CS. CS is so large that you may walk close to a mile to get to the food court. The pool area is really beautiful and the overall theming is fantastic. If you plan on having any down time @ your resort the moderate is the way to go. They seem to be landscaped so much more lushly. We did like CBR very much but probably preferred CS. CBR has little beaches where my son enjoyed digging in the sand. There were also hammocks. Lots of little places to kick back. At CS we spent lots of time looking for the alligator that supposedly can be seen from one of the bridges. We never did spot him. The bus situation was fine @ both places. Both made multiple stops within the resort. The bad part about the CS bus is that the last stop was @ the lobby area and it got packed instantly.


It’s close between Coronado and Riverside for me! I love the pool at Coronado, but Riverside is just so beautiful. I haven’t found the size of Coronado to be a problem, as there are smaller bus stops around the resort so you don’t have to walk all the way to the front… but then again, if we ever got hungry at night, that would be a LONG WALK to the food!! :blink: (that’s why we bring cookies :laugh:)

Caribbean didn’t top my list, because although I love the themeing there, we always seem to have problems when we stay there… keys not working, dirty rooms, etc. But LOTS of people love it, so I’m sure we’ve just been unlucky there. :happy:


Never stayed at CS but I’ve heard from friends who stayed there (1) that it’s very nice and (2) it’s huge (long walk to eat). It’s a convention hotel so there’s some business crowd there.

We’ve stayed at CBR, POFQ, and POR and they are equally nice. The PO’s have great pools (I guess you still have pool privileges at both). CBR and POR can still make for a long walk to the hotel office and the food court. If I were choosing now, I would probably do POFQ-nice, smaller, more intimate, cute pool for kids. But they’re all good!


Forgot to mention, POR has been perennially popular as the only “non-deluxe” with 5-person rooms (if that’s an issue). Granted, the 5th sleeps in a trundle bed.


POR gets my moderate vote too.