I'm going to MK today!


We decided to drive over to MK for the day to see those beautiful castle lights and get in a dose of WDW holiday magic. We are leaving in about 45 mins.

I will post pics and details of my day tomorrow. See ya later.


Sounds so nice… enjoy!


Happy Day!!!


Want some company???


I am so jealous! I hope you have a magical time!

Lisa :mickey:


Have fun and take lots of pictures!!!


Hope you are having a great time!!!


YAY will you add a picture of your RV on here??


Thanks everyone. The park closed at 7:00 due to this being a MVMCP night. I planned it this way, I didn’t want to be out too late. We arrived home around 9:30. I will post pics tomorrow as I haven’t uploaded or resized them yet.

Let me just say that we had a really nice day. It was hot and humid and a little overcast. Not too crowded though and we did not wait more than 10 mins. I love FP’s!


999,999 score on Buzz.
Main Street Bakery…mmmmmm!
being serenaded.
castle lights, just gorgeous.

I think DH got some nice castle pics. I didn’t take too many, but will share what I have.


Sounds like a great day! Can’t wait to see those photos!


Hope you had a great time, can’t wait to see some pictures!


OK, the kids were excited to be here. Here they are on the boat to MK. We parked at FW, so we took a boat to MK.


We arrived at MK in about 20 mins. We stopped for a pic by the tree.

Took in some of the decorations…

…and stopped for the obligatory castle pic.


Now it was around 12:30 and we were hungry. Did we stop for lunch? No, we had Nestle ice cream sandwiches at the Main Street Bakery.

Let me just add that these were huge, the cookie had to be at least 4 inches across. They count as a snack option if you are on the DP and they were very filling.


Next we headed straight to TL for FP’s. We got some for Buzz and then got in the 10 min. standby for SM. SM was fun, although a little jerky.

We then visited a classic favorite of ours, CoP. I catch this whenever I can as it is not always open. It is still one of my favorite as it is a Walt Disney original.

It was now time for FP’s. Well, as i readied to kick some tail, we got stuck in the robot room (this happened to us the last time as well) and check out my score.

DH caught up with me in no time after I told him about the target on the inside of the robot’s hand.


We only drove the truck over for the day, so no pics of the RV this time, but here is a pic from our Sept. trip just for you.


That was all we wanted to do in TL, the kids wanted to check out FL and Mickey’s Philharmagic.

On the way my kids thought they could pull that sword out of the stone, they found out they couldn’t.


More coming up later, I gotta run for now.


Wow, those ice cream sandwiches look YUMMY…i’ll have to look for them in Feb!!


They were delicious and very filling. You will really enjoy them.