I'm going to spontaneously combust


due to excitement!!! :eek: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Only 26 days left!!!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! :heart:


I feel the same way, I only have 40 some days left and I can hardly stand it, I can’t imagine what I’ll feel like at 26 days.


I understand, we leave in 14 days!!!


Wa-hooooooooooooooooooo!!! Congrats, Alicefan!!!


Wha? Wheres the countdown??
Paula, I am dying of excitement for you! Oh and of course for you to Roxie and Stephanie!!


If you combust can I study your ashes??? I am very curious about spontaneous combustion. Just to be safe though, you may want to lay off of drinking Everclear and smoking Cuban cigars at the same time, because I am pretty sure that is the main cause of most incidents of spontaneous combustion. :tongue:

Actually my sarcasm and wit are pitiful attempts of covering over my WDW envy!!! :blush:


Once you get into those magical double digits, the excitement really grows!! :happy:


I am pretty sure I will not be partaking in Everclear or Cigars any time soon - especially in unison. However, I will make sure to tell my next of kin to let you, and only you, near my ashes in the event that I cannot lay off booze and smokes! :tongue:


I feel the excitement!!
23 days for us!!!


Congrats!! I can feel your excitement! :happy:


Whooo Hooo!!! Do you do the constantly tapping-your-feet-under-your-desk-thing when you’re too excited about a trip???


Oh my god Paula, WOW, I would be ready to FREAK too!! You are going to have SUCH a blast. Get airbrush tanned before you go, it was fun andit turned out awesome!!! (Erin saw pictures, she’ll give the details :heart:) hehe


Me too! Me too!


:tongue: Well thank goodness! I am happy so many trips are coming up! That means TRs to read! Hooray! :wink:


OH! I can’t wait!! I get to meet you!!! :c)

You’re going to have SO MUCH fun!


OMG. We’re such a bunch of big kids, aren’t we?? LOL!!


Yay! I have roughly double that and I’m still bouncing off the walls! :happy:

How exciting!!!


(sigh) I remember this feeling not too long ago…

Have a fabulous time!!!


EVERYONE!! Have a wonderful time!!!


That we are young lady! :happy: