Im going to wdw for the first time


I dont know if this is the plase to do this,if not please move it.
Ok now next year is going to be my first trip to WDW.i plain on giong to all the parks and tring to do every thing that i can do in 10 day.The only porblem is i dont know were to stay and what to do that would be fun for me and my gf.Please keep in mind that i am a little anel.


First of all, thanks for joining MB, you’ve come to the right place, and you’ll love it here.

You’ll find a wealth of information here on MB just by searching the archives of old threads and posts. Feel free to ask any questions on here, and I assure you, you’ll get more responses than you expected.

Another great site to help you is Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World . For your resort questions, this site describes everyone in detail and provides many pictures of each one.

Have fun, and welcome to MB!


Hey Crazy,
Welcome to the Buzz. Get ready for a slew of information. To answer the question of where to stay, let me ask how you want to stay. WDW goes from fancy rooms to economy rooms with everything to fit every budget.


Ingamba pretty much covered everything. Look around here and ask all the questions you want. AllEars is a great site to get all the Disney info you need. There are pictures of every resort and menus from every restaurant, spend a few hours/days/weeks looking at all of that and then start asking questions.

Welcome to MouseBuzz!!


Yup - just ask questions…without knowing your budget it’s hard to make suggestions.

Are you looking for values, or deluxes? Reading the overviews of the hotels on All Ears Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center will help you decide.

Are you and your GF big eaters - if so, the dining plan will save you alot of money…
There are TONS of things to consider, and you’re definitely in the right place! :happy:


Welcome! I can help out if you are looking for a good value deal on rooms, but as far as staying at one of Disney’s more nicer hotels I can’t help because I always stay at either Pop Century or All-Star Movies Resorts. That’s all my family can afford.


Welcome to MB:mickey: and good luck with your planning. “Where should you stay”, depends on the budget. Disney has resorts for all different kinds of budgets. Read the info. on all the different types of resorts and start from there. Not only are you going to have a great time on your trip but you are going to enjoy planning it as well.


heheheh, Erin, am I missing something here or why did you post that link? :confused: :confused:


:laugh: :laugh: I think that was a mistake. I guess she was trying to post the ALLEARSNET link:laugh: :laugh:


Welcome to MouseBuzz first of all! You will soon be up to speed on what’s hot and what’s not at WDW~ I assure you! Ask as many questions as you want to, someone will always have the answer for you. Allears is a fantastic site and a definate to put in your favorites ( along with MB!). I think someone has also said the Unofficial Guide is a great source of knowledge and I can only ditto this.

have fun with the planning! :happy:


:laugh: :laugh: well, that was interesting. Actually I did have ringing in my ear once…horrible…

ANYWAY - welcome to MouseBuzz! Please feel free to ask any question you have. Nothing we enjoy more than helping plan WDW vacations!


:laugh: :laugh: well, that was interesting. Actually I did have ringing in my ear once…horrible…

ANYWAY - welcome to MouseBuzz! Please feel free to ask any question you have. Nothing we enjoy more than helping plan WDW vacations!


Welcome, sport! You’ve got lots to think about, and it’s hard to know where to start. The others were right to recommend the planning guide on, but in addition to that you may want to pick up Bob Sehlinger’s Unofficial Guide to WaltDisneyWorld.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them. One thing I will tell you – if you want see see as much as possible, stay on the resort. Also, I can promise two things: 1)You won’t be able to do abslutely everything, 2)barring terrible weather, you will have a fantastic time!


First of all welcome! I think you will have tons of fun planning with us! Search the forums for answers to your questions, read the Unofficial Guide, and don’t be afraid to ask us questions either!


Anal is welcome here. you will find that most of us are serious about our disney planning. I suggest getting The unofficial guide to Walt disney world and the passporter travel guides. They will give you some much needed information for booking and touring. I also suggest visiting You will find loads of information on there as well. Last but not least, hang out with us and ask all the questions you can think of. There aren’t to many that at least one of us knows the answer to. Welcome to mouse buzz. You have come to the best place for your planning needs.


Anal? That sounds like a good number of us! :happy: Be as anal as you want while planning…but try to relax and enjoy your trip when you go. WDW is a wonderful place! :wub:

Welcome to MouseBuzz!!


Now there’s a sentence you don’t see everyday.:laugh:

I second the recommendation to purchase The Unofficial Guide. It is huge, but if you just read a few chapters a night, you’ll learn so much! It’s highly recommended by everyone here.


Welcome to Mouse Buzz Crazy4Donald!


I thought, well now how did she figure out from that post that the person needs hearing help :laugh: :laugh:
That Erin, she is a treasure :wub:


ok,i dont know how much the prices change from year to year ,but when i first started looking,i was looking real hard at akl or something in that line.
transportation is a big deal,and things to do for adults sence i have no children.and food i cant for get about food.
I would like to thank everyone in advance for there help,sometimes you get better advice from other ppl than from web sites and books.