I'm going to WDW in 20 days!


Hey All ! Just wanted to share my exciting news ! DH planned a weekend trip over May 20th . Yay ! I am so happy and we are finally going to stay at AKL so I can see what it is like!


Wow! That’s great news! Hope you have a wonderful time! Did you get any special deals for a weekend getaway? I’m curious, because we are going to try a weekend getaway towards the end of summer! :cool:


Well, we got AP rate for AKL. We tried to get P.O. F.Q. since we have never stayed there either, and it was booked as were all the moderates. I guess you can’t be too picky when you’re calling 3 weeks before you want to go huh? Anyway, I am excited to check out AKL.


And I’m sure you will enjoy AKL! I’ve heard/read nothing but great reviews! :cool:


Me too ! I think DD will really get a kick out of it !


You are going to LOVE the AKL!


Congrats to you! I hope you like AKL as much as I did. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.


That’s great! AKL is beautiful, you’ll love it.


AWESOME!!! you are going to FALL IN LOVE with AKL!!


How exciting! And your avatar goes perfectly with the announcement, lol. I wish my DH would plan a trip for us :happy:


Thanks all ! I think we will enjoy it too ! I will write a small Tr when we get back to tell you all about it !


Be sure to go to Boma on Saturday night,as that is the day they have all you can eat ribs!!


Congrats on your trip! :mickey:


Have a terrific trip!