Im Gonna Have a Magical Mothers Day-Pre TR


Cast of Characters:

Myself, Lisa, 34 yo

and My Son, Tyler, 5 yo


Also my mom, Nancy, 30 at :heart:


How This Trip Came To Be!

My mommy owns a security company and she got a job for a week at the Swol-fin with Abbott Lab.

Needless to say I was extremely jealous and said “too bad we could not meet you down there and crash your room”

She replies that is not allowed and they frown upon people turning these trips into family vacations etc.


But then she says how much she would love to be there with us and how much fun we would have and how cool would that be and can’t you swing it for just one weekend? Blah Blah Blah. I say nope, not gonna happen and we drop the subject…or so she thinks!

My DH (Rob the most wonderful man in the world who is responsible for my WDW obsession) came home from work that day and I casually slip into conversation

Me: My mom got a new out-of-town security job
DH: Oh let me guess WDW
Me: How did you know?
DH: B/C you have never sepcifically told me abut any of her other out-of-town jobs

So much for casual conversation…

Dh: So you wanna go with her?
Me: Uh YEAH!
DH: Sorry about that
DH: Well actually we just got our tax return and after we pay off the Disney Visa I was just gonna put the rest in savings now tell me do you want to go to WDW or do you want to invest in our future?
Me: DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Screw the future…I wanna go to WDW!
DH: (Exremely disappointed in me) No way, sorry we can’t go to WDW and we’re going in September anyway!
Me: OH OK well it was worth a shot.

I drop the subject and at the dinner table Rob asks “Would you have to stay at the same hotel as your mom?”
Me: uh no
DH: Do you have to go for the whold week?
Me: Uh no
DH: Do I haveta go?
Me: Uh no
Dh: Price out for you and Ty at a Value resort for the weekend and we can swing it and still have some for the savings.



Thursday, May 6th
Sunday, May 9th
Pop Century


Coming Soon:

Airline Worries!
Daily Plans!
Abbott Ruining our Trip?..

Stay tuned!


LOL!!! That would of been my answer too!!!


Yipee!! I love your TRs!! Great start, and I can’t wait to read more.


I am so excited that you are going!! All the planning that you have to do will make the wait go quicker!

Heads-up: I moved this to chit chat. All “pre trip” report are considered planning reports. Trip report forum is solely for the actual trip report.

I look forward to hearing everything you have planned.


Airline Worries…
OK so since this is a trip where I don’t want to break the bank I have searched and searched for the best possible airfare. Non Stop from Chicago Midway to ORD.

Even though my head was telling me not to even touch the Air Tran web site my gut told me “what would it hurt?” Well needless to say that Air Tran was HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper than the cheapest airfare. So I turned my attention to Chicago O’Hare (MDW is about 20 max from my house ORD 45-60 min) Of course Air Tran was still the cheapest.

The following is an excerpt from a previous TR so you know what I have dealt with in the past:

We had booked a direct flight to Orlando to leave at 8:50 am.

We arrive at Midway at 7:10 am.

We go to curbside check-in and the nice guy politely tells me that there is not flight number 412.

What are you talking about (I pull out my WDW Bible) and show him that there is a flight.

He tells me that I have to go inside.

OK. The not so pleasant woman behind the counter informs me that they notified me by e-mail on July 7th that my flight was cancelled and I was re booked for the 8 am flight to Atlanta.

OK. Can we make that flight and what time is my flight from Atlanta to Orlando?
Ummmmm. We do not have you on a connecting flight yet.

OK. You cancel my flight and change me to vacationing in Atlanta?
You need to call customer service. There is nothing we can do for you. You will not make the 8:00 flight.

OK. I grab my cell phone and try to fix this. Rob is fuming and keeps asking for a supervisor.
There is no supervisor available.

Then a gentleman that was standing 2 counters away sees the commotion and comes over.
Can I help you?
Rob: I am trying to speak with a supervisor.
I am a supervisor.

WHAT? She said there were no supervisors. “She knows better than that”

I pass the phone to Rob (I was still on hold) just to be on the safe side that this guy can’t help us. While I am speaking to the supervisor Rob finally talks to someone on the phone and they told Rob to ask for a supervisor!

So…To make a short story long…

This supervisor got us on the 10 am flight to Atlanta and the connecting flight to Orlando. We arrive in Orlando at about 4:30. He also confirms us on a direct flight home on Sunday night, 6:45 pm.

Alls well that ends well.

Then Coming Home…another excerpt from my TR:

So ME was uneventful. The only time it rained on the whole trip was while we were on ME so lucky us!

Now…We arrive at the airport and go directly to the gate b/c we were checked in by the hotel. While at the gate I realize that our seats are not together so I go to the counter and question this, as I had paid extra for specific seats. The woman tells me there is nothing that they can do.

Um…I have a 4 year old that I will not allow to fly by himself and something needs to be done. She looks at my tickets and says, “you can ask the person next to your son to switch!”

“What, I don’t think so considering that I PAID EXTRA for the 3 of us to be GUARENTED to sit together.”

“Sorry ma’am. As you can see, this flight is already overbooked.”

I turn to go get Rob and start our “We want to talk to a supervisor” dance when she calls me back and says “No problem, I can, in fact, change your tickets.”

Wow, cool, thanks. She switched our tickets so the 3 of us could sit together.

We get on the plane. Someone is sitting in our seat. Shows us his ticket. It is the same seat number as Rob. An Air Tran lady in a suit comes up to the gentleman (guy1) and asks him to sit in another seat, he was cool about it and said ok. So we all settle in and a woman tells Rob, “You’re in my seat”.

Yep, her seat # was the same as Robs. So little miss Air Tran checks her list and sends her to another seat. This happened one more time to Rob and once to guy1. Little miss Air Tran wanted guy1 to move again after he got settled in a second time.

Well…I had it. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I turn to little miss Air Tran and say “Get your act together and leave him be. He has been jumping through hoops to make your job easier. Knock it off”

She looks at me with her jaw hitting the floor and then turns to the guy and says “Sorry.” and told the new passenger to sit in the seat she was gonna move guy1 too. She did not even acknowledge that I had spoken to her.

Guy1 says thanks and within ear shot of little miss Air Tran I say “Please tell me that you will never fly Air Tran again.”

He says no way and 3 other people say that they are not flying Air Tran anymore either!

It was funny to everyone but Little Miss Air Tran!

Anyway…The flight takes off 20 minutes late but it was uneventful and we arrived home safe and sound. My mom picked us up from the airport, we went to my friend Amys to pick up the dogs and we were settled in by 11pm.

So please tell me that I am not crazy for booking Air Train. Yes, I have learned my lesson and I will confirm my flight the night before and first thing in the morning if I do not receive an e-mail.

I am driving myself crazy over this…did I sacrafice my vacation for $300 in airfare savings?


Uh…well…:blink: At least you KNOW what you could be dealing with. I’d chance it if it’s hundreds less. Just call everyday and confirm you flight and make a complete nuisance of yourself until you’re on the plane. Either that or spend $100s more. That is unless you not already blacklisted by them.:laugh:


Agree with llama. Save the hundreds and reconfirm every day if need be. I have heard at least one horror story like this from every airline there is…maybe it was just a really bad screw up.


Daily Plans:
Note: Since we are going to WDW for 9 days in September we are taking this real slow. We do not have to ride every ride, see every show or exhaust ourselves. We just want to relax and enjoy what WDW has to offer. Also, EVERY restaurant is new to us. I am quite excited!

Thursday, May 6, 2010: Depart Midway Airport at 7:45 am direct to Orlando (11:21 am). Take ME to POP Century resort. Check in and go directly to Magic Kingdom for lunch. Tyler wants his own Turkey Leg soooo bad. When DH had one on our last trip Ty ate most of it so we said next time he could have his own for himself. Ty has not given up that dream and asks me about that darn turkey leg ALL THE TIME. Soooo off to MK for a turkey leg, one ride on Buzz Lightyear and then head back to the hotel to meet my mom. We will then freshen up and head back to the Magic Kingdom and hit some rides before dinner at The Plaza. After dinner we are going to hit more rides and then at 9:15 pm we check in for the Wishes Dessert Party!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010: In the morning we are going to hop in a cab and go to the Beach Club Resort for 7:50 am ADRs at the Cape May Cafe! We are quite excited about this one. After breakfast we will head out to Hollywood Studios for the day. Again, we want to take it easy with just a few “Must Dos” and then head back to the resort. Take a nap? Swim? Lunch? Then head back out to the Boardwalk resort for dinner at Flying Fish Cafe at 7:15 pm. All 3 of us LOVE seafood so I am really looking forward to this. After dinner we plan on checking out the Boardwalk and everything it has to offer and then heading back to the resort to call it a night.

Saturday, May 8, 2010: EPCOT day! We will not have an alarm today and will take our time heading out to EPCOT. We plan on no break so we don’t want to start the day off tired! Everything at EPCOT is a must do for us so we will just go slow, enjoy the day. Basically stop and smell the roses at the garden festival until our 7 pm ADR at Biergarten Restaurant. Check out Illuminations and head back to the resort.

Sunday, May 9, 2010: MOTHERS DAY! I am so excited to give my mom her mothers day gifts. I went to the PhotoPass website and had 2 different note pads made for my mom. They both have pictures of my mom and Tyler on them and one says “I love Nana” and the other says Best Nana Ever.
Anyway…we are gonna pack up and head out to AKL just to do the safari…thats it, nothing else. Then we are gonna go to DtD for lunch at Earl of Sandwich. Shop then head back to the hotel for ME to take us to the airport for our 4:17 pm flight back to Chicago!


Tyler LOVES this picture and has it framed in his room!

Its DH and his Turkey Leg at the AK in 2008!


Your plans sound amazing and I love the fact that I can feel your excitment in your Pre trip report!:happy:


It sounds like a great plan!! I bet Ty will love having his own turkey leg! YUMMY!!
Those note pads sound so cool. I bet your Mom will love them.

I can’t wait to hear about the Wishes Dessert Party. We get to try it out on May 17th!

Have a great time!!!


Sounds like a great trip hope you have the best mothers day ever


[QUOTE=lisalovesmickey;1030070]Tyler LOVES this picture and has it framed in his room!

Its DH and his Turkey Leg at the AK in 2008![/QUOTE]

MissSMIG loves the turkey leg too… wish we could meet in September but it looks like we won’t be there anytime soon.