I'm having a little park ticket sticker shock!


I knew the prices were going up but said “ehh, it will probably just be a few bucks.” Umm, went to go buy my DVC annual pass yesterday, TOTAL sticker shock! They are now $370!! :ohmy: This is adding an ADDITIONAL $80 to the cost of DH and my annual passes! That means the non-discounted annual pass went up to $470!!! :eek: This is a little craziness. how did they justify raising the cost $40?? :huh: That seems like a big jump to me.

I think there is a possibility we might NOT be buying annual passes this year. :sad:

With the price hikes it’s now CHEAPER to buy 3 multi-day hoppers than to buy two DVC passes. This stinks, it ALWAYS used to work out better for us to buy annuals. :glare:

2 DVC annual passes= $740.

2 7-day park hoppers & one 4-day park hopper= $652.

Remember back in May when I was debating whether I should have renewed… well I didn’t and that was SO dumb. :sad:


I agree with you Wish, the price hikes are getting a little out of control. If people on this board would just stop taking pens, napkins, shampoo and soap bars the prices probably would have remained the same for the past three years. :laugh:


:ohmy: :eek: :ohmy:

Think if we send them all back, they’ll lower the price?

And, for the record, I never took a pen.:tongue: :laugh:


WAIT A MINUTE, wait a minute…

I think I made a mistake!

It would be $836.03 for the 3 multi-day hoppers (I forgot to add the park hopper option)

and $740. for two DVC annuals.

Still cheaper to do the annual but that is just like sickeningly expensive!


its price hikes all across the boards- the passes, the dining, the accomidations. I really am second guessing my trip I was going to take with the kids in 2009- I think we might just do the cruise and perhaps do something like the grand canyon or something different like that. They have been to the parks so many times already that its not worth paying so much more $$ to see the same things over and over. Nothing has changed but the prices to be there.


Remember a couple of years back when the article came out about Disney intending to decrease the number of AP owners? Well, I thiunk they are succeeding. AP’s are not the value they used to be. I just buy non expiring 10 day hoppers now.


The last time we bought APs, in one yrs time there was two price increases which amounted to $ 40. So knowing we would need one for our Sept trip, we bought the voucher back in Dec, thinking the price would increase in Jan. It didn’t happen then and I was thinking were we idiots? Of course, now it worked out, but I didn’t think it would be a $40 jump.

What really throws me, is the 10 day pass with everything is about 500 dollars. Whoa…couple of adults, few kids…couple of thousand just for the tickets.


There have been some really good things though with the ticket price increase. If you add the water park fun and more option, you get the same number of days as your park ticket. i.e. you have a 10 day park hopper, you get 10 water park fun and more admissions. It used to be 6 days for that number. And the price has not increased for that. So you are now getting a lot more for the same amount. So it’s not all bad.


I know prices have to go up - prices go up on everything - but this is really too much. Disney is pricing themselves out of the average family’s range - and I think that is really sad. Our passes are good until next January, but I think our kids will just get the 7 day park hoppers now.

We use to be able to go twice a year - but we’re cutting back. It cost us less to go to Austria in May! I love WDW - but when you can take a cruise or a European vacation for less money - well, you have to start thinking twice.


yeah, they are trying to get rid of us. :angry:

I think I may be switching over to DL, getting a discounted annual pass to their parks (which will only cost me $480. for TWO premium annuals), and going there more often instead. All these dining, ticket, etc. hikes at WDW are getting a little nutty-looloo.


But we have not used the water parks since they divided it away from the park hopper ticket. It was fun but it was just a water park. You cant be in two places at once so to me its just paying for more passes to something we wont use.


Good observation Ginger. I just don’t think that’s a major selling point for the average family. They’re more interested in park days than plusses.


It’s my DH’s fault. Years ago, we were leaving and I took the kids to do whatever. My DH was afraid we’d miss the plane so he started packing, just throwing everything in.:eek:
When I got home I found the room service menu , pens, etc. He just cleared off the desk, mostly our stuff, but a few of disney’s stuff too. Lucky the pictures and phone were attached to the wall.:eek:


To me that’s like giving free peanuts to a plane full of people with nut allergies. Yeah, great, the “bonuses” are there but who’s gonna go to water parks every single day? Not me. I don’t know, I understand that progress at the parks means more $ out of our pockets but I HATE feeling like I am footing the bill for all the park/resort upgrades, new attractions, etc. OK, a couple dollar price hike, maybe even a $20 hike on annual passes I wouldn’t have really blinked my eyes but $40 per person!! That added $80 to just an adult couple, imagine an adult couple with two children, that adds an additional $120. NOW let’s say that family has the DDP and now has to add gratuity which USED to be included, that would be about $225. for a 7-day trip. So now with just THOSE hikes you’ve added an additional $345. to a 7-day trip for a family of four, you can get an extra night at a deluxe for that hike.


That is a very good point. I think what gets me the most is that even with dining increases and room increases, you still have choices and can save money that way, as in, where you eat, what you eat, value vs. deluxe resort. But tickets are a different game. I still think the AP is a good value, if and when you can get an AP discount on rooms, but, even those are becoming more and more scarce.


What pen? I didn’t even SEE a pen in our room :pinch: Not that I would have taken it or anything silly like that:whistling


OK, fine–but who goes to the waterparks every day? Who goes to DQ every day. Seems to be a pointless perk


I’m pretty good with everything they do. I get mine.

I got 7 phones; 12 door knobs; three sets of curtains and 4 sets of sheets.


You mean you left the towels?:ohmy:


I thought the towels were included in the cost of the room.
I have so many, I made my own school uniforms for the children.