I'm having a transportation brain freeze!


So, this upcoming trip with my Mom and Sister, we will be at the Beach Club. I just booked 'Ohanas for a Tuesday night at 8:00pm, thinking when we are done, just head over to MK and hop on a bus to BC. But, I began to think, what if MK closes at 7pm (like several nights on my recent trip). How would I get us back to the resort? Mind you, Mom will have a scooter, so hopping in a cab wouldn’t work. I haven’t used the transporation center enough to know if they have buses to the resorts, or will it be the old standby, get on a DTD bus to transfer to a resort bus. Other suggestions would be helpful!


I think it would be better taking the monorail to Transportation center then going to your resort?? right? Maybe? I think I may be having a freeze as well :pinch: Need to go back ASAP! :biggrin:


You can walk/ride the sidewalk to the TTC from the Poly- takes about 5 minutes if you are strolling slowly… From there, take a resort bus. Should be easy, with no hopping the monorail, up and down the ramp stuff… (although- I could be talked into taking the monorail at any time)…

Also, hours should be up for at least into April, so you should have a good idea of when they close. That being said, if they change it, they should only make the hours longer, not shorter… so you should be in good shape…


ok, you said May… Not sure if hours are out, but I would still take the TTC route… direct to the hotel from there…


The reason MK closes at 7 PM is virtually always tied to a hard ticket party that ends at midnight. There is the very occasional private party, but these are extremely rare.
So, those nights that MK “closed” at 7 PM, it really closed at midnight and transport buses will run from MK back to resorts until 1:30 AM-2:00 AM.

With you eating at 8 PM, you should have no problems getting back to your resort using Disney Transport.

And there is always the fall back of busing to DTD and changing to a Swan, Dolphin, Yacht, Beach, and Boardwalk bus. (Or if you’re lucky, a Yacht/Beach bus.)


I wouldn’t try that.
Pretty early in the evening, they shut down service from TTC to the resorts, and that service already isn’t anywhere as frequent as park to resort service.

Try to think how rarely you see those TTC buses are when you’re at your resort waiting for a park bus.
Not often at all!


See… that’s a reason why I need to go back ASAP :biggrin: