I'm here


… at a LaQuinta Inn (Orlando) but just for the night. Can’t wait to get to CBR tomorrow. BUT, this hotel has something CBR, nor the rest of Disney for that matter, has: free wireless internet. Disney really needs something better than $9.99/day for internet.

Anyhow, drivingwise (we stopped for lunch and shopping near Charleston; I live right by Myrtle Beach, btw)), the trip took about 7.5 hours. Not bad, considering it was 480 miles.

We ate at some stupid seafood place by the hotel that is a complete ripoff. At least if I now know that if I ever decide to open my own restaurant, I’ll certainly be able to do it a lot better than that place. Bring on the free DDP!


Hey, RIB!

I’m glad you arrived safely!


Have a great time, HR Rib! :happy:


Eric! I thought you were swinging by to pick me up on the way.

I’m sitting here with my bags packed and everything. :crying:


Glad you made it safely!

Have a good time! :mickey:

But remember to take good notes for the all important Trip Report!! :laugh:


I am glad you have arrived safe and sound. Get some rest for your first full day tomorrow with mickey! Have fun!


Glad to hear that you arrived safely! Have fun!!


Glad you had an uneventful trip.
I cannot wait to read about the big Buzzer Meet, where ever that may be. Where is it?


Glad that you got there safe. Have a blast and cant wait to read all about it in your trip report when u get back…


Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!!


Glad you arrived safely. Looking forward to reading about CBR in your TR. Have a great time!


Glad you’re there safe! Yeah–Disney’s internet prices are a total ripoff. What’s up with that???