I'm here!


Could I BEEEEEE anymore excited?! I do not think so! Arrived safely yesterday after a very long 8.5 hours flight and a further 2 hours to get through Border control on account that only 5 staff members were working the booths and 2 flights had come in at the same time. So I will endeavour to do a while I am here TR for you all but I make no promises! We have one laptop between 4 here and It could get ugly :laugh:

I just wanted to let you all know I am one happy Fish!!! :laugh:


Yea!!! Glad you arrived safely. Let the fun begin.


Have a terrific time Polly! Can’t wait to hear more On The Spot reporting!:happy:


Priorities on the computer! Tell the other 3 to wait. :tongue:


Have fun- drink lots of water!


I think your plane buzzed the house last night while I was doing yard work.

Welcome to Florida!


[QUOTE=tigger;1118160]I think your plane buzzed the house last night while I was doing yard work.

Welcome to Florida![/QUOTE]

I don’t think it was the plane that was buzzed. :ph34r:


Have a wonderful trip. We just left Tuesday night but it seems like it was weeks ago.

We had wonderful weather, it only rained twice and it didn’t last for more than a few minutes either time and both were no more than a heavy sprinkle.

The crowds were typical for the time of year. I thought the parks were a little more crowded than the last few years but that could have just been where we were at that moment and bad timing on our part.


We actually live at the turn point for flights coming in from Europe so about 4pm the 747 and 777 start coming in. Some nights they come in pretty low and with the right humidity in the air they look really really big. It is awesome to see a 747 just hanging in the air.

The smaller jets (like the 737) always move fast across the sky but those big planes just seem to float.


Yay Poll, have a terrific time love to Heather and Paul too! Ooooh I’m ‘Well jel’ xxx


I am happy that you arrived safe and sound! Do enjoy your trip :slight_smile:


Just looked at the weather…looks good for your trip but please remember to drink plenty of water as it is going to be humid.


Have an amazing vacation!


Glad the flight went well for you. Have a happy visit in the world of the mouse.


Say Hi to Mickey for me. Hope you have a GREAT trip!


Lucky! Have fun!


Wonderful! Enjoy your stay, and post pics please!