I'm horrified!


Oh, my goodness. Looks like a menu change at Artist Point.

Signature Dish
Cedar Plank Roasted Wild King Salmon
with parsnip and potato gratin, red wine reductino and red onion fan



Obviously there are bigger problems in the universe. But I don’t like parsnips. And I loved, loved, loved, that bread salad.

Question: Would they make me mushroom bread salad if I asked? If I asked ahead of time? I mean, I know I have until December and you never know what changes are going to happen…but you can’t underestimate how much I loved this dish! Oh, the drama!!! :laugh:

On the other hand, no mushroom bread salad would make it easier to bite the bullet and do Hoop Dee Do for our 2 TS meal…


I can give you the person to contact - the manager of Artist Point.

His name is Keith Gimbel and his email address is Keith.Gimbel@disney.com.

If they can, they probably would do it for you!!!


The horror! :eek:

Funny how these things can affect us, isn’t it?


:eek: :eek: I too am affected by this decision. I believe there IS a tear in the universe because of it. :crying:


I am so saving this! Now… is this just something you happen to know or something you found out, because I’ll want to make sure this person is still manager when we’re closer to December! Thanks so much!


I just got back from my trip and to make group reservations for Artist Point, you have to contact the manager directly so I was put in contact with Keith through the dining reservations. Good luck!!!


If you could get the recipe for it, please pass it on to me… :slight_smile:



The real horror, however is SALMON with REDwine? REDonion? visually not very pleasing, I can’t imaging sinking my teeth into it.


The real horror, however is SALMON with REDwine? REDonion? visually not very pleasing, I can’t imaging sinking my teeth into it.

LOL! I was thinking the exact opposite. The best wine pairing I’ve had with salmon is a Pinot Noir.

Chances are that I’ll be eating this within 2 weeks. I’ll give a full report. :wink:



:blow: I was thinking it sounded pretty bad myself. Not only the look of the fish sitting in a dark red sauce, but salmon gets such a lovley, distinct flavor from a cedar plank I can’t imagine what it would tase like with a strong wine sauce over it :blow:

I’ll drink a red with fish, but this just doesn’t sound good to me.


You can get the recipe for ANY meal, platter, desert, anything at WDW. All you have to do is ask. They will print it out and bring it right to you. We got several from Ohana’s last December.


Try to be brave Andrea - we’re here for you.

I agree that visually, a red wine reduction with salmon would be rather - well - dark - on the other hand, salmon is a very fatty fish so I can certainly see enjoying a nice Pinot Noir with it - but not in it.

BTW - what was the bread salad like?


Yes, I know. But we’ve never been there, and if they no longer make it they may not keep the recipe around much longer, so I am thinking if they’re getting in touch with Artist Point, they could get the recipe now, but perhaps months from now they won’t have it available anymore. It just sounds like a cool Disney recipe to add to the list.



Ah…I understand. Good point… Maybe if she can’t get it at WDW anymore, at least she could make it for herself…


that’s true. the poor thing would look like it was bleeding like a stuck pig!


I did not eat the salmon myself, but I don’t remember a heavy red sauce? Although, this was after their signature cosmopolitan and a martini with blue cheese stuffed olives…


I know Ohanas was very willing to prepare the foods from the old menu for patrons that asked. I’ll bet they’ll do the same at AP for you.


Which reminds me, I have that list of recipes now. Accumulated from all over the web, from various Disney recipe sites, and organized in Word documents according to type (breakfast, desserts, beef, chicken, potatoes/rice/pasta/starches, etc.).



Do they still do this? Or was that only when they first changed the menu?


Well, the changes haven’t been out all that long. I’m sure there are still lots of people who have no idea of the changes and will be disappointed when they get there and ask for the older choices.