Im in Saving Mode


So, for the month of June Kroger has 4 times the fuel points on gifts cards. Meaning if buy $150 gift card (Disney in my case), you get 4x150 fuel point…600 points equaling 60 cents off per gallon your next fill up.

So, I will buy a $150 card for the next 3 fridays in June…saving essentially $15 per week in fuel…added to what I already have - I will have $900 in Disney Gift Cards. We might can squeeze a cruise or start planning another trip before the summer is over…

Just thinking of the $$$ saved on household fuel expense PLUS if I we hit a package deal for Disney when we use the gift cards…could add up to some real $$$



Good for you, every little bit helps.


That is great!! I hope you get to start planning soon.


Kroger… such a Mississippi thing! We don’t have those in SC. :frown:

Sounds like a great plan to save!


yep, wife just filled up the Yukon XL for 2.59/gallon - saved $16.80


Wanna bet. There is one in Bluffton and they keep talking about putting one in Beaufort.


Pffft… I stand corrected. We don’t have those in Upstate South Carolina.


…Kroger used to be in NC and southern part of VA but never this far up…


I remember it in NC! That’s also where I first saw a Food Lion - we now have those in Upstate SC.


Pffft back at ya upstater.:laugh:

Not many times I find something is down here and not in the Greenville or Spartanburg area.


Ok…we are wayyyyyy off the topic pathway…but I gotta say that the South definitely has more variety in supermarkets than we do…

Anyone know who ever bought out the original Big Star grocery chain? It was the one closest to us when I was at East Carolina in Greenville NC. I heard it was bought out by someone but never heard who…

When my daughter lived in Chapel Hill working on her Masters, she had great grocery stores to choose from…pretty close to each other…


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1134705]Pffft back at ya upstater.:laugh:

Not many times I find something is down here and not in the Greenville or Spartanburg area.[/QUOTE]

The Upstate seems to favor BI-LO, Publix, and Ingles with a little bit of Food Lion. We had a Bloom, but it was to fancy-schmancy for us, and was replaced by a Food Lion. :closedeye

Anyway, back to savings… I’m not very good in saving mode. :laugh:


I, too, stated buying Dis gift cards. That way I knew I wouldn’t dip into the savings for emegencies. Like yesterday - the almost paid off truck required work. I would have dipped, but didn’t.

I’m hoping V&A won’t mind my paying them with cards.


Holy Moly! $2.59!!! We just paid $3.43 in NC today! However, we do have a Kroger near by…need to look into this! Thanks for the tip!


Not to thread jack, but Chicago suburbs…$4.19.


Regular price right now is $3.19 in Mississippi. I dont know if its because we are in a Gulf State where a ton of refineries and oil is…cheaper fuel tax?.