I'm insane so I will post about mugs!


OK, call me crazy but I will post this link that I saw on another website:

New Resort Drink Mugs debut at Walt Disney World | The DIS Unplugged Disney Blog

It appears that WDW is becoming increasingly clear on the mug policy! :eek:

I am not debating one way or another but they are pretty cute!!! :cool:


Is it weird that the beverage stations don’t offer milk?


You know, I never thought about that but I think you are right. Huh. :huh:


That’s because milk is expensive. Soft drinks cost almost nothing.


That is true!


It has been reported that WDW doesn’t pay anything for the soda fountain drinks- part of their agreemement to exclusively use coke products.


if that is true… I would assume that Coke gets free advertising… But does anyone remember seeing ads for Coke at WDW?


I just know that you don’t see any Pepsi products! :eek:


Yea, I know… But I am trying to figure out what Coke gets out of giving away that much product- it is the busiest vacation destination in the world.


Which is why we pack a couple of 24 packs of Mt Dew for the week when we go.


Well I know that closer to home here at Holiday World in Indiana they have Free Soft drinks in the park. And believe it or not it is Pepsi products. They say it is part of the ticket price. But Pepsi gets a lot of advertisements out of it I mean a LOT. So just the exclusive right at WDW might be enough advertisement for them.


I do like the new mugs but it is starting to feel like they are bringing out new designs earlier than usual!


It’s probably because some people fill up their mugs and bring them to the parks. Especially in the summer… Milk would get hot and icky. And even worse… If you had a stroller and it spilt, what a smell. Once someone left milk in the car the day before traveling to Disney World, and it smelt BAD. we had to drive all the nine hours in the smell!:blow:


I heard that they just post the signs for show, and the mugs can be refilled for life. Or at least until Mickey’s face is no longer recognizable. :whistling:angel::laugh:


I love the new designs and am looking forward to getting a mug next week. We always buy the mugs and continue to use them at home for coffee to go. I am the only one at work that has a different Disney mug for each day of the week.


Hi Pooh Fan,

Can you do us a favor and re-confirm if they are switched over yet?



[QUOTE=skwak;1069202]Hi Pooh Fan,

Can you do us a favor and re-confirm if they are switched over yet?


There was another post about the new mugs a week or so ago with pics of the mugs on the resort shelves so I’d say it’s confirmed.


Darn, I have a closet full of different mugs!!! :blink:


Fountain dispensers cost next to nothing when compared to cans or bottles.
They cost next to nothing anyway. It’s almost pure profit.
That’s why fast food places basically charge for the cup and then allow you to refill for free.
Coke doesn’t really need to have any signs when every beverage is a Coke product, including Minute Maid anything, Gold Peak tea, Dasani water, Hi-C, and a bunch of other stuff. Worldwide, there are something like 120 different Coca Cola Corp beverages.
They could give Disney syrup all day long for the beverage dispensers, just so long as every bottled beverage sold on property is a Coke product that they get their full price for.

Not that I’ve heard they do give Disney the syrups for free.
Even if they did, they still need to pay for the water and also whatever carbonation is added.
The dispensers themselves are big Coke ads.


The beverage stations used to offer milk products back in the early 90’s. They had chocolate milk and white milk. I’d like to see milk back again. Some stations don’t even offer if for coffee, you have to ask for it specially from behind the station.

I’d also like to see a juice alternative to pop offered as well. We don’t bother to purchase mugs for our kids because they are still small we don’t let them have pop, so I’d love to see some sort of healthier option for younger children. We usually purchase the larger jugs of milk, OJ, and water from the store and keep them in our room fridge. We bring our own kids cups from home and fill them up in our room.