I'm kinda bummed out


Mangino’s at SOG has been one of our top five
restaurants at WDW for a long while has changed
its menu!:ohmy::eek::crying: What we liked was
that all the pasta was made when ordered my
favorite was the linguini with white clam sauce
now its gone!:crying:No gnocci!:crying: Really
the only thing on the menu we always get is the
calamari which I hope is still one of the best.
It looks like they conceded that the menu was
not what the folks wanted:crying: Now its chicken
wings and everything like that!
Oh I hope they still have Andre Bocelli as its back
ground music, don’t take that to!:crying:


Sorry to hear that Franco! I remember reading how much you enjoyed this place on past trips. I hate it when they change some of my favorite stuff!


Maybe if enough people comment that they miss the old menu they will bring it back.


Yikes, I hate it when things change in restaurants. I always order certain things in certain restaurants. That’s why I go there, heh!
Sorry to hear that you’re bummed out, Franco. Maybe you’ll like something new there, who knows


:pinch::pinch::pinch: I hate it when I can’t think of where you are talking about!! LOL! SOG? Manginos? Where’s this?


ShadesofGreen Resort is for military and various other
goverment offices. Manginos is one of there restaurants.
It is a very nice resort even without any real Disney
theming. (but they have a very nice and big Mickey to
take pictures) They have some of the best golf courses
around as your view. We will be there for Christmas '09.


I hate when menus change and your favorites get dropped.
One of my favorites was red beans and rice at HoB.
I hadn’t had it in a few years, so last fall, we went there hoping to take an order home.
No good! They dropped it from the menu.
And while we’re on the subject, has anyone else noticed that lobster, as well as fried shrimp, are now virtually extinct in all WDW restaurants?
Another classic deletion is Spoodles’ tapas menu from a few years back that has been totally abandoned (as will Spoodles itself very soon).

As for Shades of Green, it was originally built as the third WDW resort and was called “The Golf Resort” before it was leased to the US DoD for use by servicemen and their families.
Great rate schedule too!
The lower your rank, the less you pay.
Privates pay less than captains, who pay less than generals.


Oh Franco I hate that too when they change a menu, I guess at least you know in advance could of been quite a surprise otherwise.


It’s always worth asking if they will make you something they had on the menu previously. Most chefs will accommodate those requests.


What bums me out is when they do away with the whole restaurant. After 52 trips to Disney World we have seen many great restaurants closed.