I'm Leaving For Disney In 57 Days!


And I am sooo excited! I’m going to have to post on this all the plans and things we hope to accomplish this year on our vacation!! :]

And I’m missing Disney sooo much, anyone have any stories or anything that’d like to share! I’ll share too! Just anything magical, funny, or something not so expected of Disney? Such as those two ladies that got into a fight in WDW (I watched their trial on Open Court this morning!)

So let me know your stories.
I think I might do a trip report from last year later today, with pictures, I feel like taking a trip down memory lane! :blush:


Stacey- your thread excites me too as we are right behind you in ‘days’!!


I knowww! ^.^


Well ds3 is obsessed with babies. As you all know there are tons and tons of babies at WDW. So whenever we saw a baby he would say we should get a baby. So I said where are we gonna get a baby from…he said Kohl’s. The things kids say, don’t you just love em!!!


Aw Jenna thats so sweet- :heart:


Yippee! Have fun!

Hey when I posted I realized I’m down to 48 days!


So THAT’S where babies come from!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: