I'm making myself crazy


I was playing with the dining reservation system to make sure I have no issues tomorrow :blush: and ran into a snag!
I want to book CRT & HDDR which require either the dining plan or prepayment. I am going to purchase the dining plan, but my sister is on vacation (she is providing the points for our stay) and she has to add the plan. If I had checked this out last week I could have had this done GGGRRR!

So, my question is - if I make reservations with my credit card can I then add it to my dining plan?

I really hate to bother my sister while she is relaxing on the beach - but not so much that I won’t :laugh:


Go ahead and make the ressies…they don’t charge your card until you get there anyway! :slight_smile: You must be going to same time we are…our 180 was yesterday!


I was told that the credit card just holds the reservation… if you don’t show it is then charged…we did this once for HDDR and then payed cash … BUT… I would call and definitely confirm this as sometimes with disney policy things change quickly.


I have always been told that they just hold the reservation with the credit card, and that if you don’t show or cancel in time, they will charge that credit card.


Thanks for the quick replies!! We are going Oct. 1st through 8th!


Yep, credit card holds the reservation. If you’re a no call-no show for the ressie, then they charge you. We had to do the same for Victoria & Albert’s. GL tomorrow!


Us too! :mickey: My daughter’s dance studio is dancin there! Whoo Hoo!:wub:


We will be there Oct 1-8th also. When is your daughter dancing? and where?


Everyone will need to give the credit card even if they have the dining plan. How it gets paid for is up to you when you get there. The ONLY thing you will need to worry about is make sure that you have the same tier reservation because on the dining plan it will affect your seating.


Fairygranmama, I handle all the dining ressies when we go with my parents and connect them all to my reservation number and CC number and we have never had any problem once we get to the resort. They sort it all out at the time of the meal.

Have fun with the rest of your planning!!


That is not true because I just booked HDDR and they charged me for the tickets already.

We booked both HDDR and the Hawaiian show and we are using the dining plan for the Hawaiian show and we paid for HDDR. However, when we were booking the hawaiian show they checked to see if we had the dinning plan first before the let us just use the credit card to hold the ressie.


Hoop De Doo is essentially a ticketed event, as is the luau, because of the entertainment.
However for CRT and a couple other restaurants, most notably California Grill, they do require the credit card number as a deposit against you not showing or cancelling in the proper time frame because those venues are so wildly popular.


We still don’t have def times yet and the planner in me is dying…:confused: we go every year so this is totally something different for us. EXCITED!:happy:


We are on the dining plan but when I booked the lua my credit card was charged.
I am not sure if it is worth using two table services for the lua? I might just pay for it.


I just did my ADR’s, and was booking CRT and Spirit of Aloha. When I booked CRT, it asked for the credit card, which they have done before, and it holds the reservation. Well, it did charge my card. So, I decided to call Disney itself for these 2 reservations. She had to cancel that reservation, she says I will get a credit on my card in 5 - 7 days, and then rebook it over the phone with my dining plan, so that the credit card holds the spot, but does not get charged.


Thanks for that info NJMommy! I’ll do the same next week!


Your welcome! The CM on the phone also said we could keep it that way, and then when we got to the resort, they could refund the card and put CRT on our dining plan also. It’s up to you which way you want to do it.