I'm moving to Disney!


It’s official…I am moving to Orlando! Now I just need to find a job and a place to live. :huh:
My goal, of course, is a Disney job! I will keep everyone updated so you can visit me when I’m hopefully working in the “World”! :mickey:

PS…I was gonna post this in “Chit Chat” but then DisneyFreak78 wouldn’t be able to see it! :happy:


Good luck! no … GREAT LUCK!


Awe, good luck! That is so exciting!


Lucky you!!! Best of luck.


Good Luck! Hope you get a Disney job then we all be able to hunt you down! :biggrin:


Sounds exciting! Good luck!


Working at Disney is my DREAM JOB!!! Good luck!!


Wow…great news! Good luck:)


Well now, that is some fabulous news!! Best of luck! And of course, keep us posted!


Congrats to you on your decision to move to orlando. Good luck on the job and place to live hunt.


Thank you everyone! I’m very excited and stressed! :wacko:

Don’t worry Dana…I’ve become a packing expert when it comes to moving!


Nothing like this kind of title to get a post going!!! Details! We want details? When do you want to move, are you going to get a job before or after you move, we must be able to live this through you!


Sounds great!

Why didn’t I ever think of this when I was young???


I’m heading down the week after Memorial Day to find a place to live and hopefully have some interviews so I can get a job! I’m shooting for July 15th for the actual move! I have right around two months from now! :huh:


I am so excited that you’re moving back down my way and closer to me. Now it’s only 3 hours to Disney and Sara. :pirate:


Alright!!! Have FUN! That’s so exciting!


That’s so exciting! Good luck.


Congrats! How exciting for you. Good luck!


me too :dry: :pinch:
Good luck to you ! don’t forget that we all need to be kept up to speed on Disney Adventures :wink:


Good for you!! Welcome to Florida!!!