Im need help booking flight


Help!! I am looking into booking flights for 4 people and havent found anything good yet. I called airtran south west and so on. The best I came up with was $195.00 per person. Is that what it is going for now days??? I downloaded the ding but it isnt working correct. Please Help!!!


That is a lot for one person. I wouldn’t pay a dime over $178. Aritran is constantly running specials. They just got done with one, so they will run another in a week or so. Whenever airtran runs a special, US Airways runs the same special. They are not my favorite, but that will give you more flight times to choose from. Have a little patience and shop around a bit more. I think $195 is a bit to much to pay.

I just noticed that you are in West Deptford…I am so close to you…holy cow!


My favorite websites for keeping an eye on travel deals are and (travelzoo has a Top 20 every week that usually has some great domestic flights listed and Kayak will scope out lots of websites to pull up the best deal). Have you checked jetBlue?


South West updates there fares once a week on Tue, or wed night. Check back often!! I fly From Providence Rhode Island to WDW twice a year for the past several years and by waiting and checking back often never pay more than $115 round trip!!


$178 should be your ceiling. SW out of Philly will probably be your best bet.


We usually fly SW or Airtran out of Philly for about $100 RT.


Also, download Southwest DING! They have a lot of specials, but you will have to watch closely and buy quickly.


I have never been able to score that price. You are going to have to help me kelley…I need to save a few bucks for October.


How in the world is that possible??