Im now booked for the Boardwalk Villas


I’m sooo excited now. I called DVC and I was mistold last night about the WL so BWV wasavailable so that’s where I will be turning 29. I can’t wait. So can anyone tell me about BWV? I will have a pool view. What building should I request that’s close to the bus? Tell me all I need to know. Thanks!


There is only one building.

BWV is our home resort, and we love it dearly. It is the most beautiful of all WDW resorts in our opinion! The pool is terrific, the lobby is amazing, and after Illuminations, you can walk home! Plus, you have easy access to all the restaurants on the Boardwalk as well as at EC. What a nice perk!


I’m so confused. Didn’t you say in another post that you weren’t going back anytime soon or did I make that up?


I think I read the same thing. Come on Bella you know Disney has to much pwer to stay away that long. It is that Disnay force that is drawing her back so soon.


I am jealous that you are turning 29! heheheheh

I am sure you will love the BWV, no matter where you stay.


Haha, so true. I say the same thing all the time on our way out of the parks and then as soon as I get home I am booking trips.


I know I say it will be awaile before I go back and before you know it I have another trip booked. I do have to say it is harder to get if you have back to back trips. We went for a few days in Sept. 08 and then a moms only trip in Nov. and I was needing a Disney break. Now I have a trip for May and then again in June. My June trip will not be any theme parks,but maybe Typhon Lagon.


Boardwalk is a beautiful resort - except for that infamous hallway.:laugh:


:laugh: yea but its my drug of choice but this time I’m getting my husband back there with me


Now I’m scared. What hallway?


Read my TR – I have all the details abotu the hallway and the resort.


Request to be close to the elevator. The halls are endless at BWV and seem even longer after walking in the parks all day.


Gratz on getting BWV! I tried to get there for our trip next week at the 7 month window but couldn’t get everyday and I didn’t want to be switching resorts so SSR it is lol


I know what you mean! I just came back from SSR and I LOVED it


So how long will you be at BWV?? We’ll be there a few days behind you.
We stayed at BWV last spring break and LOVED it. I love the convenience of EPCOT and DHS, the shops along the Boardwalk and the decor too. We were lucky last year and didn’t have to walk far…my inlaws were the there the week before us and they said they had a long walk to their room. But never mind the hallways…you only have to deal with them a couple of times a day!


I’ve experienced the dreaded endless hallway at the Boardwalk. My husband and I spend a lot of our vacation at the pool, and walking back to our room through the air conditioned hallway was exceptionally cold in wet bathing suits. We counted AND timed the walk…but it has been a few years and I can’t remember what it was. I will NEVER accept a room towards the end of a hallway again…view or no view!
Having said that…we LOVE Boardwalk (and Beach Club). Location, Location. Location!


oh lucky you Boardwalk is such a beautiful resort.


Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful time. And of course we are looking forward to a full trip report :happy: