I'm outta here! :)


WOOHOOOOOO I’m leaving for WDW in a matter of hours!!! A weekend with the family to celebrate my brother’s birthday! :happy: I haven’t been home for a while so the trip will be extra special… I’ve missed everyone. I don’t really know why this warranted a whole thread, but I was just SO EXCITED, I had to tell someone!!!

I still have to pack… I should probably start on that. :blush:


Going to WDW definitely warrants a thread… :happy: Have a great time!


Have a great time!!!


Have a great trip!


Not packed yet?!?! You sound like I always am at the last minute before a WDW trip!! :laugh:

Ooooh I’m so jealous PJ…have a WONDERFUL trip!! :wub:


Have a safe and wonderful trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Lisa :mickey:


I am totally gonna stalk you!!!


Have a great time! Family time at Disney!! Yea!!!


Sounds like me too dznygrl…I’m never packed early enough…Nope…not packed today…guess I’ll start tomorrow! :tongue: :pinch:


Thanks everyone!!! :happy: I’m finally packed… haha dznygrl I do this EVERY time! I’ll see you all on Sunday! :mickey:

I’ve never had my own stalker before… I feel so honored! :slight_smile:


Aw have fun!! I want Darth to be my stalker! You are so lucky!


I missed this! Have fun!


Awwww have a great time PJ, I would be exited too if I could see my brother!


Have a AWESOME time!!!


Have a GREAT trip! Tell us all about it when you get back! :happy: :mickey:


Miss you already, darling PJ!


Have fun!!! I can’t wait to hear about it!


PJ have a great time. Be safe


Thanks everyone!! We all had a GREAT time! :happy: :happy: :happy:
Not much exciting happened, but the Food & Wine Festival was AWESOME!!! I could make an entire TR just about all the food I ate, lol.


Wow, that was quick! Well, tell us about it!