I'm Packed and


it’s in the car. Now all I have to do is wait till Thursday! :mickey:

I can’t wait to leave!!! Mickey here I come!!!


What your packed…I had better get my butt moving. I am only a day behind you.
See you there pal.



I am soooo envious.

I’m still hoping to get a second trip in this year in June…


WOW! You sure are organized!! I pack the day of our departure and I have all day to do so! (We always leave around 6 pm, after DH gets home from work.) Sometimes, I forget something minor! Our motto is, if we forget something, we can get it when we get to Orlando! (Our first stop before the resort is always Walgreens.) Except one year!!! I forgot my camera of all things! (And a high ticket item is not something I would replace!!) Luckily, my neighbors were driving to WDW a couple of days behind us, so…I got a friend to come to my house, get the camera and get it to my neighbors to bring to me! I sure lucked out!


I’ll warn him :laugh:

I hope you guys have a great time!


That’s fantastic. And I see it’s your birthday in 3 days, too. Have a wonderful trip!


Packed here too. When I waske up tomorrow it will be less that 24 hours till we leave!!!


Wow! Everyone is going to WDW!! That’s so exciting!! I hope everyone has a great time, and for those of you coming, I’ll see you on the 13th!


Oh, I’m getting jealous to hear about so many people going to WDW this week! A girl I work and her hubby and kids are going on Wednesday, too. It’s the first time for her 2 kids. HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME EVERYONE. I have to wait about another 6 weeks. Hope it goes quickly!


Have a great time, kiddo!!!


Yes - you better get packing! I wish I could have stayed longer and got to see everyone at the meet n greet but we have to leave on the 9th! :mickey:

Thanks Tigger! Sure wish I could have stayed and got to see you and Mrs Tigger but we have to get back! Have a great time at the meet n greet!

Thanks! I know I keep saying this but I am so excited to be there on my birthday!

It seems like there are so many of us leaving in the next few days! Have a great time! :mickey:


Have a great time,palmickey!! Maybe we’ll run into each other.


I’m so jealous, I hope my 3 weeks goes by fast. Have a great trip!! You are going to have the best birthday.


I want to be packed! But something tells me that I might run out of clothes if I do it 56 days before my trip! :eek:

I’m sure the next few days will fly by, before you know it, you’ll be on your way to WDW!


Have a great time! My DW is already getting our new “summer wear” together! And putting little piles of clothes and things aside, ready to be packed! :cool:


We’re packed too!!! See you there! :heart:


All packed and ready here too!

Have a great trip!!


You aren’t excited at all? Only packed and loaded in the car four days early? LOL I am kidding. You have me excited for you. :cool:




I am soooooooo looking forward to all these Trip Reports and Pictures and y’all better remember EVERYTHING!!!