I'm pathetic


I just called WDW and tried to make an ADR for 8/29 at Tony’s for 8pm…I wanted to see if they would book it. Why do you ask? Well to see if they were having MNSSHP like they are suppose to. I asked for the time and the lady put me on hold…for a long time. I was so excited…then she said I had the ADR…BLAH!! Are they having the party or not??? I can’t stand the waiting anymore… ok so that is why I am pathetic. I have no intention of going to tony’s that night and have every intention of cancelling this. I called to make it simply to see if they were or were not taking ADRs for that night…pathetic.:laugh:


Oh my gosh, Dana! That is just TOO FUNNY!!! :laugh:


I have issues…seriously…who does that?:laugh:


Dana, you’re just too funny. I hope with all my might that they will have MNSSHP that night. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Dana.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: DANA!!! That’s hilarious!

Seriously…don’t go to Tony’s…it’s vomit comet city!:laugh: :laugh: :blow:


LOL that is something I would have done


I’m worried! If nothing else I wish they would at least put it back in the web site, even if there are no details yet.


Hee hee hee… I am in awe of your stealth! :ph34r: :laugh:


I do stuff like that too! I get obsessed with something and I can not get it off my mind!


That is TOTALY something I would do! How funny! it stinks when a great plan backfires doesnt it?


Can’t blame a girl for try’n!


Bowing at your creativity!!!


You’re not pathetic,
Just…“crafty” yeah…crafty,
You are teaching others your wisdom
You are to be praised
Pathetic? I Think Not!!!


You’re not pathetic! You’re very inventive. This is good news, right?


You do~ :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I don’t what to rain on your parade. But, I don’t think they will have MNSSHP in August, I understand from someone that I talked to that they will be having the P&P party again at that time. She said that August is to early for Disney to put up the Fall decorations. That’s just what she said. Just information I thought I would share.


I thought that as well, but rowdy raider (CM who usually helps with the MNSSHP) has said more than once that opening night for the party is 8/29. I totally believe him, but just want to see it so I can get my tickets…lol

Thanks to all for not thinking I am totally insane…lol

bella - vommit comet? LOLOLOLOL


Dana, you are HILARIOUS! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
I love the way you think :happy:


UMMMMM… ME:blush: I did that seeing if they were having the P & P party a couple months back!!! How hilarious!!! I thought I was the only one that would try that!!!:laugh: :blush: :laugh: :huh:


Dana do you know how to use google alerts? You sign into google create a user name and then set up an alert . . . you type in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and it sends you an alert each time a new post of ANY KIND on the whole WWW is made . . . I just did it and it emailed me about someones group trip they are taking on 9/5 for the 9/6 party . . . pm me if you need further instructions to set it up . . . this way YOU will get notified as soon as it hits the web!! :happy: PS. And NO you are NOT Pathetic!! :happy: