I'm releasing my Illuminations video


This link will take you to Big Uploads. Download IllumiNations.wmv and enjoy.
Warning, this file is 77 meg.


Look for the box to enter the verification code, sit back and wait. I recommend this for high speed connections only.


I totally wish that I had high speed!!! Curses to those who live in the country! Curses!!

I’m sure it’s awesome!


I couldn’t get the link to work in Firefox
All I got was an error message saying " you are using an anonymous proxy service. bigupload doesn’t work with these!!!"

I couldn’t get it to work in IE either…


Missy, Why don’t you copy and paste that link into your IE? That should work :wink:
I often have problems like that with firefox too, but in the last week, since I updated it, everything has been working.

But this link isn’t working for me in either browser :sad:


You have to turn off popup blocking.


Just keep trying. If I get a lot of reports that there’s trouble downloading, I’ll try to find another hosting service that works better. As said above, if you have trouble with your Mozilla/Firefox based browser, use Internet Explorer. I use Netscape myself most of the time, but sometimes you hit sites that just aren’t fully compatible to all browsers.


My corp firewall is blocking it…I will have to wait till I get home.


Sorry, just bumping the thread for freshness.


I can’t get this to open! I have highspeed but it won’t open. What am I doing wrong??? :huh:


Are you following instructions and entering that verification code? The other part is that, this is a very large file and it won’t run until you’ve downloaded it all.

This corrected link might work better too. Sorry.



It’s starting to look like the file’s been corrupted. Somebody let me know if there’s been any success viewing it.


Drat! This govt. computer wqill not allow me access! I’ll check it out tonight to see if it works! :happy:


Soundgod, I followed all the instructions! It got to the Media Player screen before, but then wasn’t able to view it. Now, it isn’t even able to finish downloading. I hope it gets fixed soon, I would L :heart: VE to see it!!!


I’m getting very disappointed. Over the rest of this evening, I will be looking around to see what other hosting options there are, plus, I’ll contact Big Uploads to ask why we’re having these problems.


It now seems to be working. If your Windows Media Player opens immediately, it won’t play. You have to get one of those little file downloading windows in order to have it download and be playable.

We’ll know in 24 minutes.


Here’s the latest. I did get the file to download and open the Windows Media Player. If this happens for you, as soon as it opens, click the file button at the very top of the window. Pull down to “Save As”, you will get a little save box telling you you’ll name the file IllumiNations 2005.wmv. Choose when you want to save the file. Now youhave your own copy. Meanwhile, I’m looking to also upload to YouTube. My reason for going with Big Uploads is that they have a 300 meg file size limit, which means I won’t have to split videos in two or three pieces like I will at YouTube.


Still not working for me. :frown: Can’t get it to finish downloading on the BIGUPLOAD page.


OK, here’s where things sit.
It seems that you have to use a Netscape browser, I’m using Netscape 7.1 on my main computer. My laptop runs Netscape 8, I don’t have it running rught now.
use the link, but if you don’t get the verification window, hit reload
when it starts to download, if you get one of those file progress windows, you’re on the right track. If Media Player opens, you’re out of luck this time. Close Media Player and try again. Eventually it does work. I’ve managed to get the file to download 5 times. It’ll take about 28 minutes on a high speed connection to download.
I hope this works. I don’t want to have to file transfer to everyone, one at a time using file transfer in AIM.


I have to say, this is SOOOOOO AMAZING!!! I had the pleasure of downloading it last night (THANK YOU SO MUCH, SOUNDGOD! :wink: )

I have it saved to my computer and will watch it OFTEN. Illuminations is my FAVORITE nighttime spectacular at WDW!!!

GUYS, DOWNLOAD IT NOW. You WON’T be sorry!!! :happy: