We went and bought our tickets for December of 07 lastnight at the Disney store in the mall. I called them and they are upping the prices on Wed. morning so we decided that we have the money so we will just buy the hopper tickets now to save on this price increase and the future ones that I am sure will come along before we go. We got the park tickets and the hotel paid for. The only other MAJOR expense will be the airfair. None of us have ever been but boy it is getting exciting… To think it is like 16 months away… FOREVER!

Now, a question- Do you think giving our son (who will be 5 1/2 on the trip) 50.00 a day to spend on whatever he wants to. We will be there for a total of 5 days so that adds up to 250.00 total. I have read where people let their children be in control of their money and when it is gone it is gone. I am thinking of doing this for just the toys and things like that he wants to buy. Not food, drinks etc… Is this enough money in your opinion? I have no idea what things cost there but you guys would know better than me.



I think $50.00 a day is a big treat, IMO! :ohmy: :happy:

And how exciting!!


$50.00 a day would be enough for me and DH


I just wanted to say good thinking on buying those passes ahead of time!!!


I think $50.00 a day is perfect for him! Also, tell him that if he doesn’t spend the entire $50.00 on that day, he can carry it over to the next day! This will help if he sees something that costs a bit more! Then he will be pleased with himself for saving up the money for the higher priced item!

We did this when our boys were the same age, and it really works out great!:happy:


I think $50 a day is a bit much. I am giving my 12 year old $20 a day to buy what she wants. I think that is more than reasonable. If she wants something more expensive than $20, she is going to have to save money from one day and pull it together with another day’s money. You can find plenty there for under $20. That can be three pins, pens, a t shirts in some stores (especially the kids ones), a beanie baby type disney character and some more items I can think of. Go with $20 or something closer. I think $50 is going to be just abit expensive.


My DD is 6 and I give her $20.00. She likes to collect pins so she usually buys a pin and some other thing. During the trip I usually buy her one larger thing like a sweatshirt or something like that. $50 is a nice treat but you may spend more time shopping! I know my DD takes forever to buy a pin! If she had $50.00…Yikes!


Wow $50 a day! :whistling That sounds like a wonderful treat to me! I might consider bringing down the amount, for the exact reason that KarenT mentioned…you may spend half your trip shopping! :wacko: That is A TON of money for a 5-1/2 year old, and I know I would take forever to spend it all if I were him! Haha.

I never even have that much for myself when I go. :laugh:

My parents used to let me do easy “chores” around the house to earn spending cash for Disney trips. On our first trip (to Disneyland) I had $18. :eek: Seems like so little, but I carefully picked out my treats and CHERISHED them. :heart: I STILL have my stuffed Chip that cost me $9 back then. :tongue:


I agree with everyone else here; $20-$25 should be sufficient. But more importantly, WOO HOO on getting everything taken care of!


I think $20. to $25. is just about right.

Our girls use to be allowed a “little” gift each day and one “big” gift for the whole holiday.

I use to stress to my girls that it was a “gift” to be AT WDW - many kids never get that chance. Yes, I am one of “those” mothers.:glare:


Hey I don’t think of being one of “those” mothers as a bad thing. My parents were the same way. They really stressed how wonderfully lucky we were to be able to go to Disney. (Most of the time for us it was Disneyland, so when we got our one family trip to WDW…:whistling…we had “thankfulness” permanently etched into our attitudes!) Most people I know have never even been!

WDW is a big deal. And I love the fact that you encourage your kids to appreciate it llama! :heart: