I'm So Excited!


I was just on allears.net looking at times for parades/fireworks in March and they have listed the new Block Party Bash on March 14th…which happens to be our last full day at WDW so we’ll get to see it!!:happy: :happy: :happy: . I just love Disney :wub: !!


Hehehe, I love it when a plan comes together. Good for you Monique :happy:


Oh that is great. I am trusting you will tell us all about it when you get home!!


How lucky for you it will be marvellous.


That is so great. Yay for you!!! Please tell us all about it!


Wonderful news. We will be waiting anxiously for a detailed report and pics upon your return. Enjoy it!


Yes please…lots of pics. Can’t wait to see!!! How exciting for you!