Im so excited


i am going in 11 days…will be there about 10am and i cant wait…i am alittle disappointed that the american idol wont be officially opened. and the hall of presidents i think is still closed. but i am excited and i am ready to go…lol anyone have any ideas of any special events happening first week of february or how to find out about things like the rope events and all


I don’t have any idea of what events are going on next month but rope drop events happen when the park opens. Just get there at least 15 minutes before the park opens and you will see what each park does at open.


thanks is there anything else like that or no…i had no idea until i came onto this site abouit the rope drop


I have been up and down the official events calendar and there is absolutely nothing planned. But who needs it when there’s so much fun stuff going on already :wink:
I am happy just being there


me too but i have learned like the rope drop and i wouldnt have even tried to get the savings off the hotel if i didnt hear about it here…so i learn so much i figured i would ask. my next vacation might be to atlantis in bahamas…which they had a site like this lol. but in 2012 i will be going back to disney unless i find the right man and we get married there…gots lot of people to give me pixie dust.


well, I know that HS and AK has pretty cool rope drops. I think the coolest park openings is MK and AK. but for rope drops I know that AK during busy times will have CM’s walk on the pathway and take the rope guiding all the guests to each section of the park not letting passs anyone(that way noone tramples over someone else) I know for sure in busy times at Expedition Everest they have these 2 really cool dressed women at the front of the line with a small rope the size of the line that way no one runs in.


Enjoy your trip!

I wonder if you may get lucky with an unscheduled Idol performance - never hurts to stop by and look…


We happened last year upon MK rope drop and loved when the train came in with the characters. We went early to AK but didn’t see any special opening. Are we missing something or maybe we were too late?


I cant help you with your question I am afraid only to say that if you make sure you are there in plenty of time 15-30 mins prior to opening, then the shows etc start just before parks open and the ropes drop.
We actually like booking ADR’s for breakfast a lot of the times as you et to go into the parks a lot earlier then everyone else and I can tell you that maybe you can’t do anything like rides or such at these times but to be able to walk down Main Street when there is only 15 people about is truly awesomw and I have some fantastic photos due to this!!!


I must stress though, this only happens if your breakfast Adr is prior to parks opening! Phew…didnt want you all getting excited if you had a 10am ressie lets say! :whistling
Have a magical time though! I am excited for you :mickey:


yes we have a 8 am time at cinderella castle…so that would be nice. thanks for all the advice…i really wish my life changes with the happiest place on earth. because right now it sucks. so i am looking forward to going and having fun and hopefully making my wishes come true,