I'm so excited!


Okay I was excited from the moment I booked this ( our first family trip to disney ) trip!!! But today is 63 days out and I just paid off my trip in full and am extra excited now because it means that it is real!!! Thought I would share here because DH could care less and the kids don’t know yet. They are in the middle of a game that is taking them months to find out what there surprise is, but they are behaving to get the clues to the clue that leads to the secret, so I need someone to be happy for me!!! LOL!!!


Yay! I’m excited for you!! We did a surprise trip for our kids 2 years ago, and I could hardly contain my excitement, so I know exactly how you’re feeling.


A first trip to WDW? No wonder you’re so excited. And keeping it a secret from the kids. What fun that must be. Hard, but fun. Where are you staying and for how long? As you can see by my countdown, we have a ways to go, but still get excited from time to time. Let us know how it goes when you tell the kids that they’re going to go see Mickey. :mickey:


We are staying at All-star movies because I love the theming for 13 nights!!! I can’t wait for the kids to find out! I hope they will be as excited as I am to go, lol!!!


I loved AS Movies.

BTW - I understand about the excitement. Everytime I make a payment I get a little more excited. Our kids don’t know about our Christmas trip and we are paying for my Mom to go - so this means extra everything - especially $$$ (most expensive vacation I have ever been on). I know everytime that balance goes down I have visions of WDW. I can’t imagine the relief when that last payment is made - CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Your DH might not care now, but wait until he sees how excited your kids will be when they find out and even more excited when they are there. WDW is a whole different experience with your own kids!! Congrats and have a great time!! I am sure it will be magical!!


Some of the coolest stories on this site are when trips to disney are sprung on the kids last minute. If you’ve waited this long you might as well hold out till the end. Tell them you all have to fly out to see a distant uncle or something…lol


YAY!!! I am very excited for you. And pretty soon DH will see what the magic really is when he see your children having the time of their lives. DH didn’t get it at first and he still is “ok” with going. However he always plans some special way for us to document each trip and he ALWAYS saves all the park maps and has marked off everything we have done and is quick to point out “With as many times as we have been, we have never done…” So just be patient with DH. I think my is just a closet WDW fan who doesn’t want anyone to find out how much he really likes it. Of course any time someone comes to me with a question about planning a trip he is always ready to talk it up.

13 days is a great amount of time to be in WDW. We are going for 10 in Dec and I can not wait. I am trying to sneak in a quick anniversary trip in Oct.

Have a wonderful time doing the double digit dance!!! Soon enough you will be doing the single digit dance and won’t be able to control yourself. How are you keeping the secret from the kids…I never am able to do it. As soon as I book the trip I have to tell them. I think the clues to a clue game could be fun if I could only contain myself.


Oh that is SO exciting! :biggrin: There is nothing like having your trip paid off and knowing it’s such a short time away.

(I am so proud of you for being able to make it a fun secret for your kids - I don’t know if I could keep a surprise that big!!) Don’t worry, after an awesome first trip, your DH will be super excited about the next one. :happy:


I waited one time to tell my oldest daughter. And I would love to upload the video of us telling her on the way to the airport. She got sooooo upset because she thought she was on her way to the lake. I was sitting next to her in the back when we told her as my FIL was driving us to the airport and DH was filming. Bad choice. She got so upset she pulled my hair for lying to her. It really is kind of funny because she was only four and “I told all my friends I was going to the lake, not Disney World”. So since then we tell her when we are going (she is a planner like me and needs to know all the details. Go figure I would have a child who would hate surprises as much as me) Needless to say she had a wonderful time in WDW, however anytime we say we are going to the lake she asks “for real? or are we going to WDW?”


:eek: :laugh:

Oh no, I never imagined a scenario like that!! I wonder if my kids will be fond of surprises or not…:noo:


Mine love surprises. Right now DD has it in her head that the surprise is a night a Great Wolf Lodge. We wil tell them a little bit before we go because DH says that they need time to brag to their friends!!! Poor kids thinking it’s a one night surprise they don’t know what they are in for!!!


Ooh that’s the greatest! She thinks it’s a super fun surprise, but it’s a thousand times better than what she thinks! Yay! :happy:


What a fun Mom you must be…your kids will look back on this trip and realize all the planning you did to make it an even more exciting experience for them. I LOVE the game idea. My kids are much older (in their early 20s), and I’m only pulling off a small surprise for our trip in January. We’ve always stayed at one of the value resorts when we’ve gone (and once at FW in a motorhome)…but this time I’ve upgraded us to a moderate - POFQ. They think we’re staying at PCR again…when we pull up to POFQ, they’ll flip.


What a great surprise for your kids! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’m so excited for you!


You bet someone here is happy for you. 63 days will go by quickly. Start packing!


Men!:glare: They are an odd and curious species. My dh is the same. I’m excited for you!:happy:


Thanks everyone!!! I knew I could count on all of you to understand my excitement!!!