I'm so excited!


Today I ask my 3 year old nephew where we were going in 30 days, and he grinned and said to see Mickey Mouse! I can’t wait to take my nephews. This may be the longest 30 day wait for a trip ever! I have never seen Mickey Mouse playhouse at HS, so does anyone have any tips for me because the boys love it?


Get in line at least 15 minutes prior to the show. There really is no bad seat as everyone sits on the carpet floor in the show. Just have fun and encourage the boys to get up and dance and participate in all the activities!


I have no advice, I just wanted to wish you an awesome trip!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Take video of the jumping and dancing around! They will LOVE it!!! And make sure they meet the little einsteins, handy manny and jojo and goliath!


Oh we will be recording and taking tons of pictures. When my 3 year old nephew went to see Sesame Street Live he was upset because he couldn’t hug Elmo, so he should be great with the characters!


You can meet the sesame street characters at sea world…


Thanks Rowdy! And where might we be able to see you? Are you in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas this year? We are going to the Christmas party on Dec 10.


Sounds like fun. Can I come?

Wait come to think of it, I’ll be there in 31 days!