I'm so happy


I have booked our vacation and they didn’t have POFQ available for the time we were going, so I booked CB (standard room). I have nothing against the CB but I was afraid of it being so large that we would be walking, walking, walking to everything. POFQ is our favorite resort so every once in a while I would call and just see if there was any availability open at the POFQ and today they had it! So I was able to switch resorts… yay! :happy:


Great news! So glad you were able to get a room at your favorite resort!:happy:


Does my heart good that so many others love POFQ as I & DW do…we’ve tried several resorts…POFQ just has that welcome back feel to the place! Enjoy!!


Thats great hope you have a super trip


Theres nothing like staying at your favorite resort!


Yay! Love when everything works out :happy:.
Hope you have a wonderful trip!


We love CB! Request the Martinique section, it’s close to a bus stop, the main pool and Old Port Royale.


Oops, sorry I guess I didn’t read the whole post. I see you were able to switch to POR, have a great trip. If you ever do end up staying at CB the location I listed is a GREAT one.


Fantastic! Makes the trip even more fun whe you get to stay at the place you love most!