I'm so pathetic


I haven’t even finished my trip report and I’m already starting my plans for our next trip. I have my spread sheet made and I’m plugging in restaurants. I know I’ll move things around and change things up but I feel like I need to plan our next trip.

The bad new is it may have to be a short-ish trip. My DH will be done with his summer courses on a Monday late afternoon (may be able to fly out that evening if there is a late flight) and he starts baseball the following Monday morning so we’ll have to fly home Sunday afternoon. I was really hoping to get a 10 day trip but a short trip is better than no trip so I’ll be happy with what I can get.

Any suggestions for restaurants?? :laugh:


Noooo, not pathetic at all! I think the best time to plan is soon after a vacation as everything is still fresh in the mind (thats my excuse anyway and you may borrow it:laugh:) I’m delighted you have another trip coming up, as thats another great TR read for me!:happy:


Wow another trip…I agree with you, a short trip is better than no trip.


Not pathetic at all. You sound like me actually. I love spreadsheets for WDW planning! I always say that half the fun is in the planning, and when I get back from trips I have planning withdrawl!


If you were packed, and had suitcases by the front door, then we’d be talking pathetic. :laugh:

You have to plan, your 11 month widow is coming up fast.


That is a bad thing then?:laugh:

Don’t feel pathetic… I had this trip planned before I left on my trip last year. It happens that way sometimes…
Btw- GREAT excuse Dixie~ still fresh in my mind… I will use that one!


Not pathetic at all. I haven’t even made it to my Halloween trip and I’m already planning our June 2012 trip. I already have that spread sheet going. I’m addicted to my spreadsheets!


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1084858]That is a bad thing then?:laugh:

Don’t feel pathetic… I had this trip planned before I left on my trip last year. It happens that way sometimes…
Btw- GREAT excuse Dixie~ still fresh in my mind… I will use that one![/QUOTE]

Now I’m not talking about the important stuff (ponchos, toiletries, mini fans, etc) that is packed all the time. I’m mean if someone said let’s to go disney, we are leaving in 20 mins, it’s the smart person who has all that ready to go.:laugh::laugh:

Our next trip is not for 4 months, but I have the May trip and Dec 2012 trips planned too.


I love to plan as it is half the fun. I read a couple of mentions of spreadsheets. Would anyone like to part with a file of their spreadsheet? That is so up my alley. I am still writing everything down on a schedule. I would love to have it on the computer.


Not pathetic at all. We just got back too and if I could go back soon, I would be doing the same thing.:blush:


I’m not sure how to send you a file. But its really easy to create your own in MS Excel as you can personalize it with columns, categories and pages that fit your plan and your family.

I change my spreadsheet all the time and have different tabs for cost, reservation numbers, a schedule of park hours, our touring plan, new tips I’ve learned from MouseBuzz etc …

Try it … it’ll keep you busy for hours, guaranteed! :happy:


Ddefinately NOT pathetic! I am so happy for you and jealous at the same time!


Holy cow Dana, you’ve got less than 4 weeks to go. Talk about jealous.


Pathetic? I see nothing pathetic here. Isn’t this just normal behavior? :biggrin:


it is to me dh has said we arent going next year. so i have to work on him to change is mind… our trip down there will be the perfect time. :laugh:


I’ll send mine as a seperate note. Tried to attach but it is too big. It is a word doc. I used to do it on an excell spreadsheet but changed to this form to add other notes without fighting the different space/cell sizes. It was easier for everyone to use and update as needed.


I just create a table in Word. I have a column for each day, at the top I list the day (Day 1…), day of the week, date, and extra magic hours. In the second box I write Start the day at…, next box is lunch if we have an ADR, below that is the park we’re returning to after lunch, below that is our dinner ADR if we have one. I have empty boxes mixed in because I don’t plan ever meal if we don’t have an ADR.

I’ll try to post one when I get home if I can.


I can’t figure out how to post a screen shot on here so this is the best I can do. Here’s how I organize our trip:


Mine is an excel spreadsheet with columns listed as:

Day Park Meal Time Conf# Est. Tip

Then right below that is another set of cells with Park hours. I put these back to back and laminate so I have a quick reference two sided guide with all the information I really need. I put it in my bag and my entire family knows it is there and they will pull it our and look at it. I laminate it to keep it from getting ruined on water rides. I would be lost with out it.


This is very similar to the one I make. I also add the touring plans park recommendations for the day, just in case I need to make changes.