I'm so proud


DD6 just asked me to make her a plan sheet like mine!! she wanted it to have each day: which park we are going to each day, what special events are going on, when we are going to DTD, where we are eating & the kids menus!

I have an obsessive planner on my hands!! and i love it!!!:wub:


How cool is that? Go for it. You should let her help you design it.


oh - she did - she wanted princesses and tinkerbell on it! so far I just have the major planning sheet (overview kinda thing) & the menus. she’s thinking of what else she wants. I need to get maps, that i can cut and paste for her.


Disney crazed people. What is the world coming to?:nonono2: :nonono2: :laugh:


I didn’t know OCD was contagious!!:laugh:
Maybe I am just jealous no one at my house has caught it from me!:blush:


My DH is a park and meal planner. He has spreadsheets and updates them constantly and now my DD (10) has a copy of the sheet in her Disney for Kids book. I’m getting worried!! LOL :eek:


:goofybounce: We could have worse vices.


I think it is really great! Planning and organizing is a skill that will take her far in the future. How much fun are you having watching her enjoy it just like you? I can’t wait for those days.


A little, miniature Planner!:crying: :crying: It’s beautiful…just beautiful.:crying:


That is soooo cute :slight_smile: Now you can bond over obsessive planning!


i am glad that no one else in my house or anyone that i go with wants to plan that way it is all left for me to do.


oh my - i hadn’t thought of the competition it could become when she gets older! ooh- that could be interesting!!


Maybe you could make a version for us to download??!! :slight_smile: