I'm still stumped on this


…why are the Values sold out during these first couple weeks of February? :huh: That’s never a good sign. There are soooo many Value rooms, that means there are going to be tons of people in the parks.

I was really hoping to hit a slower crowd time. Any ideas why the Values are sold out??


I was wondering the same thing :angry: seems if I would have booked in Nov like very one else in FL I could be staying at one for $49 like the rest of Florida.


If we were going to WDW anytime soon, it would have been during the 1st 1/2 of Feb, since that’s when it’s cheaper and cooler weather. My guess is that the word is out on the better rates during that time. You go to Peak Season at the Values on 2/14.


there may be a cheerleading/football/band competition that has filled up the values?? I am sure why POP would be filled though bc they don’t take big groups like that.


I really hope that the parks are not that crowded.


Have you tried talking to a human or are you just doing this on line?
Sometimes rooms aren’t available at your preferred hotel for the entire time, but they might still be available part of the time. Or you might just have to bite the bullet and stay at a mod, I’m sorry to say.


New England school vacations start around Presidents weekend. Some areas differ, but most of New England is on winter break at that time…



we had an onslaught of cheeleaders last year the first week of Feb- perhaps there is a convention or something like that?


When I called for Reservations for Value, the dates I wanted were booked for 2nd weekend in Feb. So I think there is something going on.


Kim ~ there are two national cheerleading competitions the first week of Feb. and it’s also the start of Mardi Gras on the 5th (a CM told me it’s a popular time for southerner’s to visit WDW during that week) In addition to all that, there are 2 major conventions taking place.

Sounds like alot of people ~ but the CM told me that the parks really won’t be that crowded, just the resorts.

I sure hope she was right!


Well that makes sense then… As long as the parks won’t be to crowded!


I was at WDW last weekend, and there were mobs of Brazillian student groups. They really increased the crowds. I was surprised how many there were.


Daytona 500 is also in February.


We are hoping for slow time in the parks. Dh isn’t really a crowd person, lol! I m praying that what Jen says is right :slight_smile:


I’m with you Jen~ I’m hoping for the same!!!


I read about them on another board, I guess there were several huge groups at each park. However, I also read they were pretty well behaved.


Mass vacations start on the 16th. A lot of kids leave early to extend their vacation.


I think that there is a cheerleading comp… When I HAD my dd in comp I think we were sched for WDW around this time.


We already have a reservation at a Value, but when I made the reservation several weeks ago, the CM told me that the Values were almost entirely sold out already for those first couple weeks.


Oh well, if it’s cheerleading/sports camps I guess that’s okay. There were huge cheerleading groups at DL the first time I took DH there and we had a lot of fun anyway.

Though I did check the national cheerleading stuff online, and they were only scheduled to be there during the weekends, not during the week. Maybe they’re coming early/staying late to enjoy extra time in the parks.