I'm Under 30 Days!


I just noticed that I am under the 30 day mark and I am so excited that I can’t stand it.:laugh: :laugh:

Being that this is the first time I have used Mouseketrips to book and handle my WDW vacation, does anyone know when I should be expecting my travel documents and ME tags?


I would think any time now. Shoot scott a pm to ask if they arrived and when to expect them in the mail. Congrats on the under 30day dance…I’m right behind you.


Thanks Dana. That sounds like a good idea. I haven’t checked my mail for today so maybe…


I think 30 days is when you get them if you book on your own. …he may have just got your’s…not certain . If they aren’t in your mail, just shoot him a pm asking if they are there yet.


ME TOO, ME TOO!!! I booked through Mouseketrips too and last time I booked thru them I think I got everything about 3 weeks before!!


Congrats! You countdown to the trip, we’ll count down to the TR! :smile:


YAY for you! I am RIGHT behind you! By the way things are lately-looks like we’ll be prepared for the heat-I keep saying to my family that this heat wave is practice for Disney! Makes them think twice about complaining!:wink:


To funny that you said that. I told DD to go outside today and run up and down the yard with the dogs for a half hour…I popped my head out after the time was up and asked her if she was hot…“Duh!” was the answer…I told her to do it 10 more minutes and that is how hot she would be at WDW in august…:laugh:


LOL!!! That’s too funny! Yeah, I told my boys to go out and ride their bikes because they need to build up a heat tolerance!!


I’m right there with you too! Congrats!:biggrin:


Where are you staying this trip?




We’ll be staying at the POP Century. I hope to next time be able to stay at The Polynesian.:blush: