Imagination Movers concert


We went to see the Imagination Movers in concert this morning in Ft Worth, TX. It was fantastic!

If you haven’t heard of them, they have a fairly new show on Playhouse Disney. 4 dads who were neighbors in New Orleans and were discovered by Disney while playing at the New Orleans Jazz Fest a couple years ago.

Anyway, the concert lasted about 75 minutes, not too bad for a kid’s show.


The Movers had a ton of energy and interacted with the audience quite a bit. They were out and about, not just standing on stage.

The whole premise of the show on tv is that they help solve problems using their imaginations and creativity, thinking outside the box, brainstorming, etc. Today’s idea emergency was that Smitty lost his voice and couldn’t sing or talk. Of course, they solved the problem, but how they solved it using their songs was pretty cute.

Mover Smitty


They had lots of jokes for the parents, as well, and references to 80s music bands and such. One time, they were singing a song about staying in bed all night called, “I Want my Mommy,” and towards the end, they broke out into Kiss-style singing, “I want to rock and roll all day, and sleep well every night.” It was pretty funny for all the old folks in the room.

Mover Dave

Mover Rich


Our oldest, Annie, had a special moment with Mover Rich. He was in the aisle near us, so I told her to go up to him. They were singing a song about food at the time, and there was audience participation. So, Rich was singing the word “chicken,” and he let Annie sing “rice” into his microphone. That was definitely her favorite part of the concert!

Our kids outside the concert hall: Marshall, Emily and Annie


Just a couple pics of us before the show…

Paul (Prezcatz) and Annie

Rebecca (b1wife) with Marshall and Emily


Awww, how cute! I’ll admit… I’ve watched the Imagination Movers’ show a few times on Playhouse Disney. :blush: It’s pretty cute.

Sounds like fun!


This show was a lot of fun. They tried to have a few quick “hidden” jokes for the adults, which most of us got a chuckle from.

They also announced today that their show has been picked up for another season, and they have to go back to the studios soon to record another 25 episodes.


I never watched the show before, but I saw them during the Christmas Day Parade. I like the messages that they send out to little kids.


Looks like your kids had fun!
We occassionally watch them in our house. I didn’t know their history- 4 dads performing together. That’s great!


Ahhh how fun! I am glad it was a good show! I know they were supposed to play last year at a theater locally here & the concert got cancelled. Not sure what happened but I did hear a number of parents at school dissapointed.