Imagine...A Fantasy in the Sky


Does anyone here happen to have the Imagine…A Fantasy in the Sky soundtrack? If anyone does and could send it to me that would be great, or if anyone knows of where I could get it for free that would be just as great! Thanks!


I was going to suggest that you might want to try ebay… But a quick search found nothing…


Sorry - I searched for a while and couldn’t find anything for you…is it brand new - maybe it is only available at the park. :sad:


Nope its old, before Believe…Theres Magic in the Stars


I know that there is a DisneyLand 50 years compilation floating around somewhere (probably a few, but I saw a major one online tongiht) - maybe it’s part of that…


This was on the thread at… Perhaps you can tape it from the video?

There is a new Imagine… A Fantasy in the Sky video available on


I did have it, but when someone broke into my car and stole my cd player and dvd player it was in there! Ug! I think I may have it on an old cd, I will check and let you know.