Imagineers books are awesome!


DH got me the epcot and MK imagineers books for Christmas - wow!! the downside…it’s really making me want to go back. maybe if i can get DH to read them, he’ll agree, and we can plan a trip! as of now…no plans in our future. we’ll go back, just not in 2008, and we don’t know when in 2009. UGH!!!

but, the books rock, and if you don’t have them, i’d suggest them for sure! :wub:


Yeap they do… I got both for MissSMIG and she is my expert now.


Hey, how about telling us the title of the books? :wink:


oh, i thought for sure you could read my mind! :glare:

this is the magic kingdom book- The Imagineering Field Guide to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World: Books: The Disney Imagineers

here is one for animal kingdom- The Imagineering Field Guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World: Books: Imagineers

epcot - Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World, The: Books: The Imagineers,Alex Wright

and i am sure there is a studios one too (not on amazon that i saw).

but look…there is one for disneyland too!! i gotta get it before we go there (whenever that may be)- Imagineering Field Guide to Disneyland, The: Books: Imagineers


Hehehe, I tried, but there’s such a jumble in there, I was too lazy to decipher it all :tongue:

Thanks, enema :heart:


its a family, site, better that you couldnt decipher it all!:ph34r:


Thanks for this information. I needed a gift idea for my DS13 for an upcoming celebration and I think these books would be perfect. I would love to get him reading again and away from his new Xbox and Rock Band for just a few minutes!!!:laugh: