IMHO Aquatica Review


I took a random spur of the moment trip to Aquatica on friday! I don’t have pictures because I didn’t have time to buy a water camera and didn’t want to leave my good one unattended on a towel. I guess I will write the review as a mini TR for the sake of organization.

9am-- We leave for Aquatica, aproximately 10 minutes away from home. The park has been reaching capacity everyday and I figured this would give us plenty of time for the 10am opening. WRONG! We hit MAJOR traffic at the intersection of Central Florida Pky. and Idrive (right by the Sea World, Discovery Cove entrance.) We bearly moved AT ALL for the next hour :glare: . Later, when we got to the entrance, we realized there were policemen directing traffic and they would let in three cars from our direction and then about 30 from the other way. :mad: We turned in at about 10:15 and were in the final five cars allowed in (so lucky :happy: ) Once you do turn in, there are only two lanes. One lane says ‘taxi’s, buses, dropoff’ so everyone in this lane is trying to merge into the other lane which majorly slows everything down and irritates alot of people. In actuality, BOTH lanes lead to general parking so all this merging is unnecessary and everyone has to divide back into two lanes. The parking lot is TINY! I have seen bigger at area Lowes’ or even Walmarts. I talked to a security guy for a few minutes and he admitted that the park capacity is only 7,500. This is in contrast to the 33,000 that Sea World is permitted. Also, unlike at Disney, when capacity is reached, the park is closed for the day. It doesnt matter how many people leave, no one else is coming in. IF you have already purchased tickets, you may park at Seaworld and take a shuttle bus over but this is super annoying and rather time consuming according to the lady I talked to who did it. Anyway, by this point it is nearly eleven and I am so tired and frusturated that I don’t even want to go in. My friend keeps pointing out how we are lucky to be in at all and that we should take advantage, so we do.


At this point I am really feeling like the creators of this place had great intentions, but just didnt plan things out too well. The entrance is really pretty with flowers and little waterfalls and such. However, it is CHAOS! there is no separation of lines. Everyone is standing in a large mass and people are yelling at other people for “cutting” even though there are really no separate lines. Also, with the exception of those inside the ticket booths there are NO employees in this area!

I have to wait in the guest services line because I am a passport holder and need to upgrade my passport to include Aquatica. The guest service line actually ended in another county, but I joined the end and buckeled down for the wait. When I talked to people around me, I realized they were all in this line because they wanted their money back! :ohmy: So, while I am in line, my friend leaves to use the bathroom to the left of the gates, which is in the locker rental area. She comes back and informs me that there are TWO stalls and no changing areas. I later checked this out for myself and she is right. This bathroom is the size of a large closet! One final irritation about this situation is that even though there are four guest service windows, only two of them are open! Hellllooo Aquatica, you are obviously very busy, open all four windows! I finally got everything switched over, which went smoothly. At about 11:45 we walked in the park. At this point there are no line to get in because they weren’t letting anyone else in!


:ohmy: This sounds like a colossal nightmare. I wonder if you ever went in after all this at the very beginning of your adventure :blink:


eek!!! I’m not sure if I want to hear the rest of the day - I hope it improves a bit! Write more…! :slight_smile:


Oh this sounds like chaos! we were planning on trying this park in August as Sea World is a fave of ours - lets hope these are just teething problems.


I am very interested to hear more!!


Aye aye aye!!

I am almost afraid to hear anymore. :ohmy:

Hope it gets better!! :happy: :happy:


Sorry you didn’t have as good a time. I’ve been several times now since going on opening day and have it on my annual passport as well. I wrote a positive review weeks ago that has more details if ya’ll want. Check this out Also, according to one of my good friends who works at Sea World and Aquatica, remember they’re only letting half of the actual capacity of the park in for the next several months until the park gets up and running and a good speed.


It does get better! Unfortunately my internet is going verrrry slowly tonight! I am finishing up a paper and then I will be back!