In 18 days, will I ever see the sun trip report!


We are getting ready to head home from 18 days is paradise!!!
The Cast:
ME!! The Mom
DH ~ The Dad
Samantha ~ DD ~9 year old daughter, LOVES Ariel
Joey ~DS~ Birthday Boy - turned six
Madilyn ~DD~ 18 months old

Making guest appearances:
Eileen ~DH Mom
Marie ~ DH sister
We stayed in the Caribbean Beach Resort in the new Pirate rooms for the first week. In South Trinidad building 34
The next ten days we satyed at a beautiful rental home in kissimmee.


Can’t wait to hear about! Lucky you missed all the snow here in NJ.


So we drive down to Florida from New Jersey every year. This year North Carolina and Virginia had snow. The roads were TERRIBLE. New Jersey needs to teach them how to plow. Now I know they aren’t prepared for snow because they usually don’t get any but wow were the roads bad. 95 only had one lane open. We still made it to where we wanted to be despite being later than we had thought, so we rested for the night in Georgia. The next day we got up and drove to my dh’s dads house for a short visit and arrived at CBR around 4:00 pm. We swiftly checked in and went to our room. we decided to try the pirate room this year because my son wanted to…disney sure is awesome at theming. The room was GREAT! The theming was amazing! The beds were cute, and everything matched. So we check the fridge and there was OLD food in it. YUCK! I called the front desk and they sent someone right away to clean it up. Then I go in the bathroom and previous guests used washclothes are on the top of the shower…GROSS! But they took care of it, needless to say I was not happy with mousekeeping. Luckily I brought my own lysol and stuff. I did my things and we got ready for dinner at O’hana’s. YUM! We were sat fast and had good seats! Dinner was great as always and so was the service! We watched Wishes from the window and went back to hotel for bed!


YEAH! Another TR! CAn’t wait to read it!!!


ok, we’re “back at the hotel for bed”…there has to be more to that story


I hope mousekeeping at least changed the sheets! What a bummer but I am glad they took care of it!


yay! i love TRs! cant wait to hear some more!!!


The hotel was fine when we got back, I hope they changed the sheets too… I was a little disappointed but I dealt…
The beds in the pirate room!


A close up of the ship:laugh:


A couple more room shots!
The fridge was in a barrel!!
the floor looked like planks…
A print on the wall…
An etching in the shower in the bathroom!


The kids at O’hana’s
They put the ketchup in the shape of a mickey head
the kids on the pirate bed
Madi at O’hanas! To cute to pass on sharing!


Your kids are too cute!! Thanks for the pictures from the world!! Sorry Sunny FL wasn’t so sunny while you were here. :frowning:


Sounds like a great start!

EWWW…on the Mousekeeping…I’m glad they came to fix it all though.

The pirate room is AWESOME!!!

Can’t wait to see more.


Oh my goodness, that pirate room is so, so cute! I bet your kids LOVED it!


great pics can’t wait to read and see more.


Great pics :slight_smile: cant wait to read all about it.


Omygoodness, your kids are precious


Your kids are too cute! And I love the pirate theme. It’s so cool!


Sounds like a great start! Can’t wait to read more. When it snows down south they really don’t know what to do with it. A few years ago it was a nightmare coming home because people didn’t know how to drive in it. We pulled off the road and got a room for the night because it was just too scary!:laugh:


down south they can’t drive in the rain. so you know that they can’t drive in slow. lol