In Completely Shallow News


My Mickey Icon Chandelier is on the FedEx truck and will be arriving at the house TODAY! (The website says it’s not shipping for another 5 weeks, so the notification was a surprise.)


Also, I forgot to mention that DH got me the Mickey Timer I’ve been wanting for my birthday. :wub: :wub: But what was really, EXCEPTIONALLY sweet about the whole thing was that he went with the gift wrap, because he knew I’d get a big kick out of special Mickey wrapping.


Do you have a pic of this chandelier?


Oh- I also have to mention that I consider the entire purchase to be a shopping coup…

Original Price: $129
First purchased when it was 20% off and free shipping, so the total was $104.

While I was waiting for it to be shipped, they dropped the price to $99. I kept an eye on the site, waited for 15% sitewide and free shipping, and the final price was $85!


Oooh! Oooh! Do I hear FedEx? …Nope, just the garbage collection.


I’ll take a picture when I get it installed.


I wanna see it!!!


Yay!! I can’t wait to see how it looks!


YES!! I CANNOT wait to see the Mickey lighting installed! I am STILL waiting for my “Mickey porch light!”

Woohoo, good news!


LOL…your “demand” goes perfectly with your avatar!!! :laugh:

Gotta love those shopping deals Andrea!