In memory of Walt Disney... Happy Birthday!


(I know I am a couple hours early but I am going to be quite busy tomorrow and wanted to make sure I commemorate the birthday of Walt Disney while I am here.)

Three cheers for the man who has given the world such unexplainable magic. I am truely grateful he was brave enough to follow a dream and laid the groundwork for what would not only be one of the biggest pop culture icons in the universe but for the look on EVERY child’s face the first time they experience Disney. There is nothing in world paralleled to that expression.

To me Walt Disney is a true hero and inspiration. He is the reason that, even at age 27, I still look into the sky and wish upon stars, why I throw coins into fountains, and why I still believe in magic. :crying:

Thank you Walt, what more can I say? :heart:


If there was no Walt i probably wouldn’t know you Jessica so i wanna thank Walt. When people said “you cant” you just wanted to even more. You are a genous! Happy
103th Walt!


Happy Birthday Walt!!! I hope you have a great day!!


Happy Birthday to the first man to bring people together from all over the world to believe in magic again.
I quote the Remember Dreams Come True fireworks show with Julie Andrews…
“the power to wish upon a star and unlock it’s magic…”
Walt has truely given us all this power and just the thought makes me cry. How can ONE man be such an inspiration to the world? His soul is like noneother and even now, we are still being blessed with his spirit. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday,Walt!! I would have loved to know you.


:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:

A Very Happy Birthday Walt!

:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


:mickey: Thanks, Walt. :mickey:


Walt, you said that it all started with a mouse. But we all know that it really all started with a man. A man with a dream and a vision. A man who fought adversity, and went against the odds even when everyone said he was going to fail.

Thank you Walt for your dream, for your belief in family values, and for your vision that has been brought to life, and continues to make dreams come true on a daily basis.


:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: Happy Birthday Walt! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


It’s a special day! I better go have some cake for you Walt! :tongue:


Happy Birthday, Walt!!! I know you’ve got the biggest wings in Heaven!


Thank You, and Happy Birthday Walt!!! Joe


:mickey: Happy Birthday Walt :mickey:

I cannot imagine the world without the gift you gave us all :heart:

Thank you for following your dream.


Thank you so much and being a great inspiration. Happy Birthday!!


Oh happy birthday Walt!!! I love all you did for everyone and wish I could’ve met you!!!


Happy Birthday Walt! Thank you for giving us so much!


Happy Birthday Walt! :mickey:


Happy Birthday Walt, Thank You for all the Disney Magic HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT !!!


Older thread but Walt is an inspiration to us all helping people reach their all time goals. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT


Thank you, Walt. For your dreams creating our dreams, for your imagination and creativity that literally creates buzz in your fans and park guests, and a feeling that can’t be compared with anything else on this earth. Thank you for giving me something to be happy about! You’ve truly changed the world.

“Little more than 40 dollars and a dream…” Thanks for giving me hope in life!

Happy Birthday, Walt!!