In need of a few reviews


I would like some opinions and experiences at Boma, Hollywood & Vine, Les Chefs de France for lunch (I love dinner here but want to see Remy!), Captain’s Grill, and Coral Reef (been here before but it’s been years). Oh, and Cape May Cafe and Grand Floridian Cafe. TIA!


Tara, we did dinner at Chef’s, and they did take Remy around to every table.



I can help you on two, Boma and Hollywood and Vine.

I will start with H&V. We did the Fantasmic dinner package here and I must say had it not been for the preferred seating with the show, I would have been really disappointed. The buffet is just ok. Very bland. It has more american diner choices like meatloaf, chicken, mashed pot…Allears has a menu that was very accurate. We also had breakfast here and that was very good-much better then dinner. Our ADRs for breakfast were for an hour before the park opened so the big bonus was we were first to ride TSM and have fastpasses for later.
The setting is like an american dinner and the service was very good, I was just not that crazy about the food.

Boma-dinner is the complete oppisite of H&V. Very different spices, great choices, great atmosphere.if you have never been to AKL you will fall in love with resort. After or before dinner you can view the animals and really enjoy the resort. You won’t be dissapointed at Boma if you like different food and are not a picky eater. Lots of vegitarian food and I think on Wednesdays they have ribs (they are sooooooo good). And for desert are zebra domes-YUMMMMMMY!

I hope this helps a little.


We tried Boma. It was ok for our tastes. We were all able to find something. Not one of our favs.

Cape May Cafe is one of our favs, both Character Breakfast and the Clam Bake Dinner.

H&V we did in 05 as part of the Fantasmic Dinner Package and we enjoyed it.


Thanks! I’m so happy to hear Remy is making appearances at dinner now! Last I read, it was only during the lunch hours of noon-3. :happy:

I wish the Fantasmic Dining Experience had more restaurant choices. We did Mama Melrose’s last time and it was pretty good. I liked it more than DH but I enjoy a chain Italian restaurant we go to at home much more (Bravo). H&V is our only other option as I’ve been to Brown Derby before and was NOT impressed for the price. I guess we’ll stick with Mama Melrose since it sounds like it was better than H&V. I’m not a big fan of buffets in general and I really don’t like the classic American comfort food (read: homestyle cooking). I agree if it weren’t for the priority seating for Fantasmic, we wouldn’t eat at MGM at all.


Of the ones we’ve tried: Boma and Chefs very good! H&V kinda average for WDW, but good dessert buffet. But of course all WDW buffets are immaculate and they keep the food fresh.



Grand Floridian Cafe…is wonderful as well. We went there for lunch one year and it was excellent. They have this open-face turkey sandwhich with hot cheese melted all over it that was AMAZING. I think it’s an excellent lunch place–we’ve never been for dinner.


I agree with the prev comment by Remy on H&V. I would only go there to get the Fantasmic preferred pkg, I didn’t care for Mama Melrose either. Nothing exciting about either.

Boma was good food, different things to try. Enjoyed the experience there, seeing AKL & the animals.

BUT… I’m not a big fan of buffets at DW. I prefer to sit and relax during my dinner time. Getting up and down, waiting in the buffet lines is not as nice “down time” as just having the server bring your meals.


I want to see Remy too. :heart: We have no plans on dining there during our next trip though. :sad:

I can help you with a few of those restaurants; Boma, H&V, and Coral Reef:

Boma: Boma has gotten increasingly less exotic & more popular over the years; perhaps a correlation there? :laugh: When it first opened there were some dishes that people would just stand there & discuss with this face on [:blink:] instead of putting it on their dish. Now, even though they still offer some traditional African fare it’s less intimidating & extremely high quality food for a buffet. The basics are there but with a twist. Some GREAT soups & salads with delicious flavor, spicied meats that aren’t ‘too spicy’ but rather add to the flavor, saffron rice, root vegetable sides (sweet potato, turnip…), along with the kiddie basics like Mac & cheese, pizza, chicken, etc.

The atmosphere is often festive with Boma CMs clapping & singing in a greeting line welcoming you to the restaurant. It’s colorful, easy-going, fun, & warm. I’ve always had great service there & I never felt rushed out. Although, the one drawback and everytime I dine there with an ADR I feel like we are always left to wait for a good amount of time (25-35 minutes). It could be because when we go to Boma we are always with Daniel’s family, easily a party of 8-10, so it could slow the process down for us maybe.

My favorite dessert bar in all of WDW! Most people boast about the ‘Zebra Domes’ but I’ll praise the ‘Tigger Domes,’ delish! Lots of other GREAT cakes & goodies.
:mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey:+.5 (definately worthy of 4.5 Mickeys, out of 5)

Hollywood & Vine: I’ve only been to Hollywood & Vine a handful of times and even though I’ve never been fiercely dissapointed it’s also never blown my socks off. Great for fusser eaters, like myself, 'cause it’s chock full of basics. Easy stuff like pork roast, turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, salad, baked chicken & pasta, etc… nothing fancy. I always found the food quality to be better than Chef Mickey’s & on par with Crystal Palace. I will say that I’ve felt rushed in there before (could be the loud busy atmosphere) and sometimes neglected by the server having to ask someone else for drinks. The atmosphere is cute but nothing special. When I’ve had ADRs there I’ve always been sat promtply so that’s a plus. Another minus is that it shares a bathroom with Prime Time cafe & the bathroom is located between the H&V dining room & the busy bar/waiting area for Prime Time. Kinda awkward & busy. We are giving H&V another go in June.

:mickey: :mickey: +.5 (2.5 Mickeys out of 5)

Coral Reef: I honestly have never understood the serious variances in reviews of this restaurant. We have been dining here for years on almost every trip and have NEVER been dissapointed. Where else in the world can you dine with floor to ceiling views of such gorgeous aquatic life? The atmosphere is peaceful, relaxing, modern w/a refreshing ocean vibe, and every server we’ve had there has been outstanding and has gone way beyond the normal call of duty to accomodate anything needed! Great bar offerings, with special ‘aquatic themed’ adult beverages and if you are lucky you may even see Scuba Mickey make an appearance under water!! :biggrin:

As far as food goes, we’ve always loved everything we’ve eaten there. I am pretty steadfast with the pork or beef there & my husband usually gets a fish meal; never a complaint. The ‘Chocolate Wave’ dessert is decadent & out of this world. Even the appetizers we’ve always found to be way beyond plentiful and delicious.

Drawbacks: even with an ADR you can find yourself sometimes waiting up to 25-30 minutes & if you are seated in the way back of the restaurant you have less of an accesible view of the aquarium.

:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: (4 outta’ 5 mickeys from me!)


I can only vouch for Boma at this time. The other places on your list have changed WAY to much since I have been there last for me to know how good/bad they are now. Boma is EXCELLENT for both breakfast and dinner. The service and food are outstanding. There is something for even the pickest of eaters there and PLENTY for the brave. Definately worth going to…try getting there on a Saturday or Wednesday for their rib nights…they are out of this world.


OoOOoo, is Saturday a rib night also? For some reason I thought it was just Wednesday. Now I am excited 'cause we have a Saturday night ADR. :happy:


I am almost 100% positive it’s both days…pm iluvwdw and ask her to be sure, but I am almost certain.


We ate at Captain’s Grill last summer and had a nice meal. It wasn’t even close to outstanding but it was good and the service was good. We were staying at BCV so it was an easy choice. I’m sure we’ll go back since we usually stay at BC. It wasn’t the least bit crowded so I’m sure walking up isn’t usually a problem.

I had an awful meal at Coral Reef two years ago and will never go back. Service was awful and my meal was really bad and I’m not picky. My DH had a steak and said it was fine.


I think it’s both days.


Boma: I have only been there for breakfast. It was very good!! If you need a breakfast place, do Boma.

Cape May Cafe: Good food, good atmosphere. It’s one of my favorite places to eat.

Hollywood and Vine: I went there in I think 2003. I liked it a lot.


Yes, we had ribs on a Saturday night when we were there last August. Awsome!!!


Boma: I never ate their myself but heard great reviews!
Cape May Cafe: Great for breakfast!
Hollywood and Vine: Never ate their :wink:
Coral Reef: Didn’t have the best time their. Our food was a little overcooked.


We just got back from WDW on Sunday afternoon. We had lunch at the Coral Reef last Friday. I have to say we were disappointed. We had read some reviews on another site and had hoped they were wrong. Unfortunately, they were right on. The restaurant itself was nice. The kids liked the aquarium but we were not seated close enough that they could really look at the fish while they ate. Not a big deal. We had looked at the menu online before the trip and had thought it was only the partial menu. It wasnt. There weren’t a whole lot of things to pick from. My son, 7 yrs old, had wanted grilled shrimp and surprisingly this was not available. There was an appetizer with grilled shrimp on it and when I asked if we could just get the shrimp we were told we couldnt. So my son ended up having pizza. I had decided on the ceasar salad with grilled chicken, $14, with a side of creamy lobster soup, $7 or $8. The salad was just “okay”. Not worth $14. The soup was tasty but barely luke warm. My husband had the mahi mahi with some type of chutney on it. The portion was so small…it would have been enough for my son. Definitely not worth the $21 they charged for it. The bill for the three of us with tip came to $72. SOOOOO not worth it. We will not be returning there in the future. We had an early dinner at the Plaza restaurant at MK on friday and the food was so much better. And it was a quarter of the price! What a difference in portion size, not to mention the food there was hot.

My parents went over to Epcot on Saturday night and had dinner at the french restaurant you asked about. They absolutely loved it. My mom had the french onion soup, salmon, then creme brulee, and my father had the lobster bisque, short ribs, and brulee. Not sure if they had wine or not. Regardless, they went on and on about how great the food was and how friendly the waiter was. A little pricey of a meal but worth it.

I definitely would skip Coral Reef.


My reviews are from my experiences 2 years ago. I can only tell you what I thought of Coral Reef and H&V.

H&V: We did the character breakfast at H&V so I can’t help at all with a fantasmic package review. The breakfast was good, and they had quite a few choices. Nothing outstanding but nothing terrible either. The interaction was fun and the characters were great … my boys really had a ball here.

Coral reef : We found the restaurant itself to be lovely and we were seated very near the aquarium so the atmosphere to us was worth the reservation. The food was good, not great. Honestly, I have had much better seafood elsewhere; but I am from charleston, SC and they have the best food in the world imo so it is hard to compete with that kind of bias. If I remember correctly, we did really enjoy the soup (I believe it was lobster bisque when we went).

Hope this helps a little. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! This is very helpful! My list is narrowing! :happy: