In need of advice


Ok, so as I have posted in the past few days, we just purchased our DVC points and will be using them for the first time this Sept. We are staying at a 2 Bdrm Villa in OKW. Here are the questions? Has anyone ever purchased groceries from the local grocery store and had them delivered? We are wondering if it is worthwhile to buy the dining plan or to just eat our Breakfast in and pack some sandwhiches on some days? We love the park restaurants, but get pretty tired of the quick service meals, definately looking forward to eating dinners out though!!!

What would you recommend? Also, when I rec’d the DVC sales brochure teh other day, it had a section in it that showed teh points per night value to stay at other WDW resorts such as the moderates, Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Kind of confused, I though we coudl only stay at teh resorts such as OKW, BW, SSR, etc… Can anyone clarify


Hello welcome.
We, too, are DVC members. you can use your points anywhere in WDW. It is easiest to use them in the DVC resorts.

We are using the DP because at $35 p/p it is a deal (for us). My boys eat like locust. Others here on DC tell me the grocer works well and so we are planning to use it for staples, breakfast and snack foods.

So - I hope I helps a little. And you just wait. A flood of advice is right behind me.


You can stay at the hotels as well as the DVC resorts, although it is not the best use of your points from a cost stand-point. You are far better off using DVC points at DVC resorts.

Just my opinion here, but once you stay in a 2-bedroom at OKW, you will never-ever want to stay in a regular hotel room again. I am absolutely spoiled by the DVC accomodations.

We like the Disney restaurants, but always go to local grocery stores and stock up the fridge in our DVC villa. We always eat breakfast & most lunches at our DVC villa…and we then go out for a great meal at Disney Parks or hotels. We also load the villas fridge up with soda, pizza’s and ice cream for those 11pm pre-bed munchies. We come home extremely fat & happy. :noo: :crying: :tongue:


SOme of your questions may be determined by your party - kids? The dining plan can be an even better value for kids than adults, LOL. The cost of one day on the DDP is often less than the cost of one character meal… and the kid will get an additional CS meal and “snack” as a “bonus”!

We are going to try the DDP on this upcoming AUgust trip for our fam of five (we have 2 kids aged 9 and 5, but also an 11 yr old Disney sadly mistakes for an adult :sad: ). That said, we have always done the grocery run before, so it will be a new experience for us! For our groceries, we tended to drive out to a Publix or Super Target or Walmart. I usually can’t bring myself to pay the prices at Goodings or the resort stores. I have used them in a pinch but that’s about it. Have not used a delivery sevice - but if DDP hadn’t come along, I would have! Had it on my to-do list for this coming trip… and then DDP came along!

B’fast foods are ALWAYS good to have on hand. Even with the DDP, you will probably need b’fast food a few days to cover what DDP doesn’t. Our family is usually too excited to fully enjoy a big sit-down b’fast anyway - we’re all itching to get in the parks and go, go, go! We do better with sit-down meals at lunch and dinner. Normally, we would plan on b’fast in the villa, and pack some snacks to nibble while in the park. (Tortilla wraps pack very nicely in a small soft-sided coooler with a bottle or two of frozen water! The water keeps em cold, then is drinkable later as needed). We enjoy sit- down dinners at the parks - gives us a rest, and usually the food is quite good. The ddp does have you dining at CS half the time, but not all counter service is burger/fries fare. There are some nice places with everything from soup to stuffed potatoes to noodles to turkey legs to salads to you name it. We have cooked dinner in our villa too - it’s nice sometimes to just relax at “home” and have a meal in. Some foods work well for later days (i,e, cook a big ham or roast for dinner, then use it for sandwiches the next day.)

I second soxmets in that snacks are good to have on hand! We usually have micro-pop popcorn packets and ice cream on hand in case either sweet or salty is the snack of choice, LOL.


Much thanks for all of teh sdvice. We have two childen, both very young for Disney (2 & 3) but this trip was for us just as much if not even more than for them. We are taking my inlaws and thought the two bedroom would be best, but I am sure you are right, we will be quickly spoiled by the accomodations in the DVC resorts. We only bought into the DVC with the min. of 150 points so we barrowed from 2006 to take my inlaws. We will have 82 points left and plan to come again next year and use them, at that time we may be staying in a moderate just to maximize our points, we will have to see.

As for the food shopping… we too, are weighing the pro’s and cons of the DDP, we were able to access the shopping list from the DVC website but we are still considering it. We definately feel that we will need light breakfast foods and snacks, we are weighing our options on the lunches. We are also weighing the benefits of the Disney Dining Experience discount vs. the DDP. Has anyone had the DDE and if so what did you think of it? Thanks for teh posts they have given me a lot to think about!


Here’s a link to a thread about a grocery delivery service. I think we’re going to try it in June.


You’re going to love OKW. Personally, I’m trying to figure out a way to move in there permanently, without Disney noticing me. I could happily live in a 2 bedroom villa forever. You are going to be amazed when you see it - trust me.

As for eating - it’s such a personal thing. We always make Publix our first stop and we stock up for the week. We always have breakfast in the room - I leave the lunch and dinner option opr, because we’re not over-planners - BUT - and this is a big but -
we don’t have small children. So I woul definitely plan a character breakfast or dinner for them at least. If you are renting a car - or having a limo service (Quicksilver or Tiffany will make a grocery stop for you) - I would definitely say stock up on groceries. The store at OKW has quite a good selection of food - bread, pastries, eggs, bacon, milk, frozen entrees, fruit, wine, condiments, etc.

Just a note for your next trip - I would stay at a studio in the DVC properties, over a moderate resort. It’s much more point-economical and the studios will give you a fridge, and microwave, and a much larger room.


If your driving, you can stop on the way, If flying most taxi’s will stop. There is a website where you can pre order before you leave and the company will deliver to your room on arrival day. A little expensive but not too bad. Plus for 1 or 2 items you forget the store at the DVC resorts have a larger supply of food items.


Thanks for all of the tips, especially about the studio at the DVC Resorts! We have looked at the delivery service and it certainly seems do-able, so I think that is the route we will go. We are flying in and will be doing the Magic Express so I think it is the best option.

asp8tis, I will wait to see how you liked the delivery service in after your trip!


In the past, we’ve ordered perishables through Disney and had that waiting for us in our room. We’ve used towncar service to get from the Airport to Disney and had a stop at Publix for other foods (including beer and bottled water). When you get to your resort, if you get there before your room is ready they’ll put your luggage in a holding room. If you do like to tip a beer now and then, if you ask, they’ll put your beer in an industrial cooler/refrigerator…so when your room is ready and your luggage/stuff is brought to your room, the beer it cold!!! A very nice touch.

Somebody had a link about grocery stores that deliver to your room…do a search on that and I’m positive you’ll find something.

We usually do breakfast in our room (except for a CRT day) and then have snacks and stuff in our room…sometimes we have fruit or snacks to bring in a cooler to the parks, along with lots of water. You can still do the dining plan with lunch and dinners and get your money’s worth…it really depends on your style and what you want to do…if you want to eat out, then the DP can save you some money and let you eat at places you probably wouldn’t eat at if you were paying cash each time. Also, I think I remember reading you have a 2 and 3 year old??? I believe with the DP, they can eat off your plates (not sure on the 3 year old, pretty sure about the 2 year old though…somebody have more info on that???)



Thanks for the information! I did some research and the grocery store delivery is definately the way to go. I was a bit concerned about the perishable food stuff and if they will refridgerate it for us that is great!

The DP is such an unbelievable addition since we went to Disney last (2000, way to long ago!) we know that we have to get it for our 3 year old, which is completely fine, and that we don’t need it for our 2 yr old, but we were trying to way the costs of the dining plan vs. the Disney Dining Experience card which you can purchase if you are annual pass holder. We were told by our DVC Travel Guide that it gives you 20% off meals at select restaurants. I am thinking the best way to go is the dining plan. I was just wondering if someone had bought the card and what the experience was?

Thanks for all of the advice!