In two days


I’ll be at disney.:goofybounce::goofybounce:

DH and I will be going from May 12 to May 21. Our plans are as follows…

May 12. Arrive about noon at AKL (value studio at Jumbo), hang around hotel, hopefully have a room fairly soon. Dinner at Boma at 4:45. TIW isn’t good on Mother’s Day, right?

May 13. Head out early, early to AK. Get our APs and TIW. Spend day at AKL. Evening at hotel.

May 14. AK again. We enjoy AK but find it really hard to spend lots of time on buses when we are staying at BCV or BLT, so we only go to AK every few trips. Yes, we are spoiled. Dinner at 6 at Boma. DH really loves to eat dinner and not have to worry about transportation afterward. (see note about spoiled)

May 15. MK all day. In our original plan we were moving to BCV this day, but we decided to stay in a value studio one more day and use the 6 points toward the sept trip. Laundry in the evening, whoo hooo.:laugh:

May 16. Move to BCV. Breakfast at Captains Grill at 9:30. Check into room, and head to Epcot.

May 17. HS I know it is SWW, so not sure how long we will stay. Spent any extra time at Epcot. Perhaps go over to Mk to see the Electrical parade and then see wishes from BLT. Then take the monorail to Epcot and walk thru to BCV.

May 18 . HS again first thing in the morning. I see a nap in our future. Dinner at Cape May at 6. Probably head into Epcot for fire works.

May 19. Epcot first thing for any must do rides. Rest of day, ???

May 20. MK all day. Ohana at 6:00. Take monorail to Epcot, see fireworks and head back to room.

May 21 Pack up, move out, spent last few hours at Epcot. Flight at 6 p.m.

Meals… most breakfasts in room, we have 6 TS and the rest will be CS. This seems to work best for us.


Sounds like a great plan. Love Ohana and boo on the laundry.


Sounds like you’ve got it all planned!:happy: Have a great trip!


Great plans! Have a magical time, Jo-jo!!


Have a great trip!


Have a GREAT trip!


Thanks all. DH and I have been to Disney enough that we don’t feel we must spend every min in parks. We did that the first 20 odd trips I don’t know if it’s because we are older or that we have Dvc, but we seem to take a slower pace now.


I don’t know the breakdown, but it seems the ratio of washers to rooms is higher at AKV, than at BCV. I’m hoping this is the only time I need to do it.


Joanne your plans sound wonderful- I just wish they included meeting Dixie for afternoon tea :frowning: never mind, one day soon I’m sure. Enjoy your trip x


Have a blast.


Have a great trip! You will have a great time!


Hope you guys have a great trip!


Thank you.

We were at disney this time last yr and I thought I’d see the flower and garden show but DGDs had other ideas. We were in epcot but spent more time at the playground setup than flower displays. And it’s really hard to enjoy the flowers when you have two little girls that need watching. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved having them with us (remember the “hee haw with wings”?), but a trip with kids is different than a trip with just two adults.


Dixie, I will sit in the lobby at AKL and talk to myself pretending you are there. I’m sure no one will notice. :blink::blink:


Great plans!! Have a fabulous trip!


Wooohooo 16 hours to go! Love your plans and Ohana!


Feels like a fantastic plan.