In WDW how much do you spend on yourself?


About $20 here, the rest goes to the kids on shopping and arcades.:huh:


I really don’t keep track. We don’t spend obscene amounts of money,but if we find things we like, we buy them. We usually do a lot of window shopping first though. One thing we come home with every year though is a snow globe.


Usually not much on myself! One year I bought a Wyland at his gallery at the Poly :nemo: (It wasn’t actually of Nemo- it was dolphins swimming under the moonlight). This trip I spent $50 on the pearl thing at Japan. I think that’s all I’ve ever spent on myself.


I like to get at least one nice thing for myself. But that nice thing does not have to be big or expensive. One year it was a wine stopper shaped like a mickey head from France and another year it was a bottle of orange water from Morocco. The kids each get $20 to pick something out with and we buy something small for my nephews and my mother.


Oh and there are a few traditional ones like a charm from the resort we are staying at for our charm bracelets and a tee shirt that we all seem to wear and share.


It varies from trip to trip & how much spending money we have. It’s varied as much as a large Disney piece of art, like my Allison Lefcort Tinkerbell paintings to coming home with 3 ornaments from the Christmas Store. :laugh: There’s times when I come home with nothing, except for all the silly stuff us Disney freaks save like pens, park maps, etc. The only time I remember “going crazy” is when I visited Disneyland during the 50th :pinch: because I don’t get to go there that often & SHAG, the artist, was commisioned to do SO many fun things for them. I went a little crazy that trip. :laugh:


It really depends if I like something and that “I have to have it now” feeling that the Disney marketing people love. I normally do buy a new Disney photo album to put all the photos in, and a new Disney Christmas ornament. After that, who knows.


Is this per day or for the entire trip?:confused:

Since extended family knows when our next trip will be they usually give my children Disney Dollars for their birthdays, Christmas, etc. We, too, do a lot of window shopping at first and then go back to what we really liked. I usually save up for myself about $250-300 :happy: . My children usually have a $50 per day limit (grandparents spoil them!!:laugh: ). But in my children’s defense, even with that limit they allocate wisely and most of the time don’t spend that much; they’ve learned to go for quality and not quantity.


i don’t spend alot on myself we usually just spend on the kids


We do the Disney Dollars and Disney GCs for Holidays and Birthdays as well! This way it’s like having “free” money! I don’t buy much for myself . . . once in awhile if something unique catches my eye! The kids always get a charm, pin and one other thing around the $20 mark each trip! Lucky for us we go often enough, so their Disney collection grows slowly! :wub:


I don’t really spend a lot on myself, but my husband buys me tons of tinkerbell stuff, like pins, I have a wooden statue, I have four framed prints, and lots of other Tinkerbell stuff. We mostly sepnd money on the kids though.


We’ve never kept track, we usually get what we want but I haven’t gone crazy in years. I know that I’m going to spend a lot in the Christmas store, with shipping it’s usually close to a hundred dollars. After that it depends, if someone wants it we usually get it.


We don’t keep track of what we buy. If there is something that we want, we just get it. Mostly pins, T-shirts and paintings and / or/ WDCC pieces.


Oh, man, I forgot about pins! We drop a lot on pins every trip. I don’t mean to but it just adds up, they’re too darn cute.


I don’t like t-shirts, I don’t like a lot of just “stuff” in my house, so I only get something if it’s perfect. I always look at the earrings and necklaces, but since I prefer subtle Mickey I’ve never actually bought anything.

And generally, I’m just cheap (:laugh: by necessity!). My general Disney spending is under $30- I buy an ornament, I find the latest set of dot magnets. Still… I shop A LOT- I’m always on the lookout for the perfect thing, and when I find it, I DO buy it.

One day I’m going to suck it up and buy the ridiculously overpriced kitchen drain stopper because it will make me happy. I just can’t get over the $18 price tag…

Fortunately DS just isn’t into stuff, and doesn’t ask for much.

…And yet, while everything I’ve typed is right… why does it always seem like I spend more than that? :laugh:


We tend to spend a bit more than others…probably close to $100 per person (my DW & I) each trip. We usually get one item of clothing each (a sweatshirt or something) and then a few other items. These have included Mickey Christmas ornaments my wife enjoys, pins for me, and a framed picture w/ pins inside that currently hangs in our DD’s room.

Prezcatz Paul


It depends on whether I need new t-shirts and sweatshirts. We spend probably around $100 on ourselves and another $100 on things for the kids. That excludes kitchen items. The wife keeps that expense to her self.


Don’t really spend much on myself. I think at the most I’ve bought a few magnets and a couple of keychains. I buy a few thing for my niece and nephew and the bulk of the souvenir money gets spent by my three kids. Usually about $40 each.


We usually don’t spend terribly much on ourselves. Usually we buy our traditional coffee mugs (we each get one) and usually a Christmas ornament. Every once and a while I’ll buy a picture frame and Dave will buy a pin or two. During our honeymoon we bought a little bit more “Mickey and Minne bride and groom” stuff to remember our trip. Once I bought a huge scrapbook kit and it’s still sitting in my desk–in the wrapping. I’ll get to it one day :laugh:


Per Trip.:phone: