In WDW how much do you spend on yourself?


I usually buy a couple pins and maybe a mug or something. I ALWAYS buy a sweatshirt or a hoodie though! So, maybe around $80 or so. Edited to add…I forgot to include a Christmas Ornament, so that takes the total to almost $100.


I don’t count. I also don’t get tempted when I then remember how the house will be cluttered with stuff. In my old age, I am trying to de-clutter and it’s looking great. No more knick-knacks for this woman.

A whole lot of money, however, goes to the kids and arcade gaming and that’s alright.


Mine mainly goes on DD and stuff for the house too.


we budget $200 for our trip. but i don’t think we spend that much.

this past trip it was right at $100 we spent by the end of our visit.

2 stuffed animals for DD
4 mugs
1 magnet frame set

i would have gladly spent the rest of what we had budgeted if i had found something i really wanted. but since we are going back again in Nov. i saved the ornament shopping for then. i have a feeling i will not have any trouble spending the $200 on that trip! LOL


I spend a lot on myself and my DD at WDW. I bring about $200 a day to play with and me and DD LOVE to shop… I don’t do a lot for myself all year, so this is my big week of all about me. If I see it and like it, I buy it. It’s all within reason of course and I buy mostly clothes and acessories…lol DD spends her loot on pins.:laugh:


Each time I’ve been, I’ve had a long time (about a year) to save up, and I usually save about $200-$300 to spend on myself.

I doubt I will be spending that much on myself in the future, because all of those trips were when I had a room at my parents house that was already packed to the gills with Disney stuff…I can’t handle my apartment being that cluttered nowadays, so I need to cut down on the knick-knack shopping!

But this time hopefully DH and I will at least get a t-shirt and maybe some pins.


One Milllllliiiooooon Dollars.


Not enough apparently…cuz I keep having to go back and spend more.


We spend more on “doing things” than purchasing material things. We’re planning to spend some of the “me money” on the P&P Party…if they’ll ever open the dates our upcoming trip. I don’t care much for tshirts of any kind and when I buy something I think about whether I want to dust it, etc. and usually bypass buying things unless it’s a Christmas ornament or something unique or special.


Nothing. My dad buys me everything. :happy:

Well, it actually adds up to a lot. My father is extremely generous on vacations. All I have to do is admire something, and he asks me if I want it. Probably $75-100 worth.


Usually, I buy something really nice for myself. One item that I know I can
pass on such as Gold Charm etc. Ds can pick out the things he wants. It doesn’t add up to a whole lot. Usually we end up at the MK Outlet Store and buy lots of sweatshirts etc.


Usually between $30-$100 the rest is on the kids.


I usually spend $20-$30 on myself. DH doesn’t ever buy anything for himself at WDW.:blink: The kids save birthday money, Christmas money, etc. to spend on themselves, and they usually have $100+ to spend, but I try really hard to temper them. We do A LOT of window shopping and make our final decisions at the end of our trips.


See I guess Im lucky because there is only really me to buy for, most of my money does go on me, anything from $500+ but I do buy my parents and brother things and I pay for a few breakfast and meals etc and get my boyfriend and friends a few gifts!


Look’s like the kids make out again.:laugh:


Does purchasing into DVC count??? We also always go to the Character Warehouse off site and save incredible amounts of money on Disney World merchandise. It is well worth the trip!


Me… Me personally buying for me… not much at all maybe $20-40 but DH spoils me… he gets me whatever he thinks I want.


I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s somewhere between $100 and $300. During Girls Trip (since it was just me) I spent just about all of it on myself.

But it’s not really me spending it all really, Stu LOVES to buy things for me on our trips and nothing for himself.

We do spoil the kiddos too…we spend a lot on souveniers on our trips, but we save all year to do so.


The only thing I bought myself was that big cavas Disney tote…LOVE that thing!! It was like 20-30 bucks. My DH snuck and bought me a scrapbook and awesome family picture frame…he paid quite a bit…scrapbook was around 50 and the frame was close to 40. I would have never paid it for myself. We gave the kids 100 bucks each and let them do with it what they wanted…games, souveniers, etc.


I am like Dana, I do not do alot for myself so I splurge on our trips!!! For our kids we have a huge bottle for all of our change , we save it all year then they split it. Then each of them get disney gift cards for holidays and they save allowance and money for odd jobs. Our kids go with their OWN money every trip!! They each usually end up with about $250 for the whole trip!! We try to guide them to good choices, but it is their money so they basically spend it how they want. My DH spends hardly anything except when he buys pins for me or the kids. I usually do not keep track but I usually buy a couple sweatshirts and tshirts, magnets, kitchen stuff, an ornament … last time I bought a really cute Mickey swimsuit.:blush: I love disney stuff I have a hard time stopping!!:blush: :laugh: