Inconspicuous sneakers for park touring?!?


The concept of sneakers to me is like trying to read a novel in Greek, I have NO CLUE! I own one pair of sneakers for the gym and would never wear them anywhere else. In Spring, Summer, and Fall I basically live in skirts so sneakers are nearly foreign to me. I am like strictly a flip flops and sandals girl.

Anyway, having a more agressive touring plan for DL this June, unlike my usual slow lolly-gagging, I am thinking I need to find a pair of sneakers. I still want to be able to wear them with skirts so I need them to be fairly inconspicuous and fashionable or trendy. I will not do clunky or traditional sneaker-like. I am thinking more of like a yoga shoe, etc?!?

I started shopping around and found these three styles that I could live with but I need more suggestions. Will these type of shoes not offer enough support for walking all day? Any other companies you can suggest that make these sort of inconspicuous type sneakers?

ALSO, I found this pair called “Alzika” by Adidas but I ONLY like the white/orange/grey color combinatrion. I am unsuccessful searching for that color combination online. Anyone good at seaches?

THANK YOU! I know this seems silly but I REALLY know nothing about sneakers and am obviously fussy about footwear.


Second option…


Last that I found…


Ooo, these are cute…


You really can’t beat an old school pair of black and red Air Jordans. Perfectly inconspicuous, and if a basketball game breaks out during your visit to one of the parks, you’re all set.


Can you REALLY see me wearing those Andrew? haha.


Of course not, but I thought I’d give you something to laugh about.

Seriously, all the sneakers you posted would look great on you. Just keep in mind how much support, since you’ll be doing a lot of walking.


I like choice 4…


SHUT UP NY!!! :pinch:

Wishy - I am with you! I only ever wear flip flops all spring and summer - even in WDW. So…if they don’t bother your feet I am sure any of these choices would be comfortable. I like all of the choices but the only pair I am not CRAZY about is the one that is white with the 3 bright blue stripes (#2) - not for skirts anyway. Any of the others would be cute with a capri or a cute skirt for sure! :heart:


Number 4 are the best - they can match nearly anything and the ‘track’ style is comfortable and easy to walk in.

My only issue with them is the contrasting green sole…


:wub: Just wanted to say WELCOME to DC - I don’t think I ever saw you around here before!..sorry to threadjack…back to the task at hand!


Yeah, I agree Alicefan the blue striped ones are a little too clunky for me. My favorites so far are the first pink ones and the last white ones. You think black sneakers would make my legs look too pale (I am SO pale)? They have option number 4 in black too, but it might look funny with skirts in black?


Oh, the first three are Adidas and all too much money, haha (all over $75), the last pair is Steve Madden and only $49.99! Much better, hehe.


Wish, I’m usually a sandals and flip-flops girl in the summer, too. I think you have a few options here:

  1. Lots of companies are making sneaker-type shoes that look like Mary-Janes. They have a sneaker sole and upper, but they’re open at the top with a strap across the foot. Very cute!

  1. Until I found Crocs, I was a die-hard Teva fan. Tevas look cute with skirts–especially if you go with the thin-stapped ones–and are fabulously comfortable for long park days. Check out

  1. Crocs are coming out with cute sandal-type styles that are most likely just as comfy and durable as regular-style Crocs. I love these babies and I wear them ALL THE TIME!


THANKS BALI!!! I knew I could trust a city girl :wink: So when can we meet in the city to go SHOPPING?!?! hehe!

Almost all of my shoes are mary janes, or versions of them, so I LOVE the idea of a mary jane sneaker. If anyone comes across any more of those please show me!!!

:heart: THANK YOU!! :heart:


Ooo oo, I like THESE!!! these were on too Bali!!!


I just googled “sneaker + Mary Jane” and got whisked away to Nordstrom’s website. They have several versions on their website, but if you google the same phrase you should be able to find some other good sites.


Those are cutie-cute!


ow, I wish I knew about all of these sneakers before my trip, I’m a skirt & flip flop kinda girl too, I ended up buying a pair of easy spirit old lady sneakers as someone at work called them. However they did work well with short skirts. Good luck on your search it looks like you’ve found a lot of good choices.


WOAH, I LOVE these, they make me want CANDY!!! Who the HECK KNEW there were SO MANY ADORABLE sneaker options?!?

These are Lacoste but are $125. :dry: