Incredibles Attraction?


Why isn’t there something relating to the Incredibles in the theme parks? I can imagine they’d at least set up some sort of restaurant or Character-meet spot in MGM like Monsters Inc. If I am not being well-informed enough and there is such a spot or plans for one, I’d be grateful to anyone who could tell me about it. I would love for them to have a huge omnidroid somewhere with a moving head. That would be totally wicked! :happy:


Here’s a link to two meet n greet characters. I know Frozone is out there too. Can’t remember if anyone else is available right now.

Come on… you knew they would have this, if Brother Bear has a meet n’ greet, then anyone can have a meet n’ greet. Except Tink for some reason :glare:

I have been thinking of how they could be used in an attraction, surely something great could be made.


Tink can’t have a meet and greet because she is a small fairy, not a regular sized person. The icredibles are at MGM, we saw them at the animation studio.


Blah, I’ve never bought that, many small characters are out there. The Mice from Cinderella for example. Nemo at the Living Seas and Figment are other examples. Tink is in a parade at Disneyland Japan, she could have a meet n greet. Where’s the fun in Magic Pixie Dust if you cannot be any size you want. Flik is another great example.

Whose to say Tink couldn’t be small in a meet n greet. There are ways to do that also.

Here’s a pic with Frozone, Mr. incredible, and either Dash or just a kid dressed up in the park lol. Apparently Frozone is forced to pick up trash. :blink:


:ohmy: :laugh:


ROFL!!! That’s wicked funny!

Lenny, you have to give time for “attractions” to come into existance. Could you imagine if they built a ride for every feature film? The poor CM’s at the Home on the Range Ride would be lonely.


Like in a Jiminy Cricket at the end of Spectromagic type way?? I think he’s adorable… I could picture Tink hanging out at the end of a parade. Of course her own meet & greet would be much better. :slight_smile:


there is a meet and greet of the incredibles at the animation studio in MGM. after you take the tour, you enter an interactive room with games and other activities along with the incredibles present to sign autographs and take pictures. i got to meet mr. incredible and frozone during our last trip.


You can skip the tour and enter through the back way. Nothing sneaky. CM’s will direct you.


I just got done working w/ Frozone today, and no he ain’t no janitor pickin up trash. That’s hatin right there LOL!!! I love workin w/ the Incredibles.

And as far as Tink meeting and greeting? Relax. They’re working on it. Don’t know when. Don’t know how. Aside from the rumor about meeting her in a house that shrinks you to her size and then meeting her in her lantern that’s all I have. But fear not. Disney hasn’t forgotten it’s beloved Pixie.


Wasn’t one of the rumors that the 20K Leagues area was going to be turned into a meet n’ greet for Tinkerbell? :confused:

I know I heard both Pooh & Friends and Tinkerbell rumored at some point…

Anywayz I guess Rowdy kind of already answered the question. Sounds like we’ll be able to greet the sassy pixie at some point! :biggrin: Yay!


Of course I knew they had characters!


Tink will also appear in Disneyland’s upcoming Parade of Dreams, in fact, close up to the guests. The opening float will have Tinker Bell sitting on the top of a train with Peter Pan in the drivers’ seat. Around the train on this float are Disney faries; Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, the Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) and the Fairy Godmother (from Cinderella). A sneak preview of the Parade of Dreams opening float aired in a segment during Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Parade, where the music group Jump 5 also joined in for a performance! :mickey:


Is there any truth to that rumor about the “shrinking house”. That sounds a bit far-fetched to me! Also, Tinker Bell doesn’t talk, so someone will have to interpret her “pixie speak” for the guests.


As for the Parade of Dreams opening float, Tinker Bell is clearly not tiny on there! :wink:


We bypassed the animation tour, due to time constraints…and went through the gift shop and into the large room where the Incredibles do their meet and greet. They pose for pictures infront of a large red and orange wall mock-up of their logo. Beacuse of their gloves they can’t write their names for an autograph. So they use a stamper, (like the clerks at the grocery store use to use to price can goods with). There was hardly any wait, maybe five minutes and we got Mr, & Mrs. and Frozone.