Indiana Jones ride moving forward


From Screamscape today:

“The latest rumor from one of our sources claims that discussions to build a new version of the Indiana Jones Adventure ride from Disneyland on the site of the Stunt Show are about 75% complete at this point. If they can agree on a price and a timeline it may be approved.”



Is the Indiana Jones ride very similar to Dinosaur. in that you are in a jeep and it bumps and throws you around?


You are in a jeep. I do not know how bumpy it is, but it is a very different experience. It also seems logical that this may be an updated or different version from Disneyland, not an exact clone.


I really hope they come through with this plan…I really want to go on this ride…I heard it was great!!! :laugh:


They are the exact same vehicles and type of ride as Dinosaur.


I sure hope they do it. The ride at DLR is soooo much better than the stunt show at MGM. It is just like Dinosaur, with the same type of vehicles, but the ride scenery is taken right out of an Indy movie! It’s a great ride.


That would be a very welcome addition to MGM. They really don’t need two stunt shows and something is needed to take the crowd from the area where Tot and RnRRC are. Hope it happens!


YES YES YES!!! :biggrin:
I can’t wait! Indiana Jones & new Disney rides - my 2 favorite things! :slight_smile:

rhodisney - I liked Indiana Jones better. Dinosaur used to be my favorite ride, but the last time I went on it, it was really rough. A lot worse than I remembered. I went to DL a few months after that and I rode Indiana Jones 4 times in a row, lol.


Kewl! :cool:

I hope it goes through as planned…the stunt show is cool and all, but somehow Indiana Jones is the one ride missing whenever I go to WDW. With the addition of Expedition Everest, WDW will have their own version of the Matterhorn too…pretty soon, DL’s gonna have nothing sacred! :eek: LOL


Here is an article that suggests this might be more rumor than fact… Your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:



Ohh…well I guess only time will tell eh??


I saw that Jim Hill article too. Can’t wait to see which rumor is true! (Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the ride)


I guess I’m still skeptical that Disney would do such a big undertaking right now, when they’re trying to do so many other things…but I’m keeping my fingers crossed nonetheless. :rolleyes:


Actually, the time frame was estimated to be like 2007. Still a ways out.


I don’t necessarily think it would happen quickly. Look at the 20,000 Leagues area. The Stunt Show may just close and stay for a bit before anything happens. I would hope not, but it’s possible.


I would have liked to see the Indiana Jones land built at MGM that was talked about in the Jim Hill article. I like the stunt show, but if it’s standing in the way of the Indiana Jones ride, lets tear that sucker down!


WDW almost did have its own version of the Matterhorn. During the mid-1980’s, plans were made for a Switzerland pavillion at EPCOT’s World Showcase, which would include an EXACT copy of the Matterhorn at Disneyland! However, the Swiss government backed out (construction of each of the World Showcase pavillions is largely funded by the respective country’s government), and the Swiss pavillion never made it to World Showcase.

Just thought you’d like to know! :wink:


It’s a shame that the Indiana Jones Stunt Show might make way for the ride.
Having said that the Indiana Jones ride from California is one of the best…a firm favourite of ours since it was first introduced.

What with Soarin’ and Indy moving from DL to WDW and ToT moving in reverse I hope that they choose to keep some things where they are. Otherwise it’s going to be all the same wherever you go and that wouldn’t , IMHO , be a good move.

I like the differences in DL and WDW. Even though I know that some people won’t have the opportunity to visit both coasts it’s what makes the 2 sets of Parks special. Anyone else agree with me ?


yeh i think that they should change the stunt show into a ride because it is really bad


I absolutely do! I was lucky enough to get to go to DL a few years ago, and it was amazing seeing all the differences between the 2. I really couldn’t pick which I liked better… they’re 2 totally different animals! I’d love to see it all again, but I think it will be a while. :frowning: